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Annual review of an EHC plan

An EHC Plan must be reviewed at least once a year. The annual review is a process of gathering updated information on a child’s progress. A meeting is held as part of the process.

Most of the review process is handled by the SENCO, who arranges the annual review meeting and invites all relevant professionals to attend or send reports. The parents and the child should also be invited and offered the opportunity to submit their views in writing. Any reports (including parental submissions) must be circulated at least two weeks before the meeting.

The review will consider your child’s progress towards achieving the outcomes specified in the EHC Plan over the past year and whether any changes need to be made to their EHC plan.

Within two weeks of the review meeting, the school should send everyone a report of the meeting, using the Annual Review template (see Downloads box). This should set out any recommended changes to the EHC plan.

Within four weeks of the review meeting, the local authority must inform you in writing whether it is going to amend the plan, leave it unchanged, or cease it. If the local authority decides to amend the plan, it will start the process of amending the plan and invite you to comment on it.

You have a right of appeal to the SEND Tribunal if you are not happy with the outcome of the review.

For more detailed information about the annual review process, please download the document "EHCP Annual Reviews - guidance for education providers" from the "Downloads" box.

Last reviewed: 29/10/2018

Information owner: SEND Assessment and Review Service (SENDSARS)

Last Updated: 10/11/2020
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