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Evidence Based Parenting Programmes in Sheffield

In Sheffield, parents and carers can access a range of groups that offer practical advice and support with parenting. We deliver programmes that are evidence based, and tried and tested. This means that the content is written by professional psychologists who have years of research into what works to manage behaviours and difficulties that we can all face as parents.  These programmes are delivered across the world and have over 30 years of research behind them.  The Parenting delivery model within Sheffield is based on two main models of parenting programmes:

  • Webster Stratton Incredible Years
  • Triple P Positive Parenting Programme


Both suites of group programmes have been developed by psychologists and have proven results with over 30 years of clinical trials across the world. In Sheffield, our Parenting Team delivers these programmes and as well as additional programmes that are built to respond to specific needs.

This works on the basis of five levels of support:

  • Level 1: Public information and awareness raising.
  • Level 2: Seminars. Triple P Stand-alone ‘light touch' parenting information sessions to large groups
  • Level 3: Discussion Groups. Triple P Stand-alone small group parent discussion groups on commonly encountered problems.
  • Level 4: Group Programmes. Triple P and Incredible Years targeted group programmes of 8 - 15 weeks covering a range of parenting strategies.
  • Level 5: Specialist Programmes. High-intensity programmes for complex needs.


Find out more about each programme by downloading the Parenting Delivery Model diagram and Information for practitioners document here

How to make a referral

To access programmes at level 1-3 you can signpost parents to our positive parenting page or they can contact us on :

Tel: 0114 205 7243


A discussion group leaflet aimed at parents is available here to download.
For level 4/5 programmes please complete an early help assessment (part 1)

For more information about any of the programmes or if you wish to discuss a referral please contact one of the Parenting Specialists in your MAST area:

East MAST - 0114 2053635
West MAST - 0114 2506865
North MAST - 0114 2331189

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