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Sheffield Support Grid

The Sheffield Support Grid is a locally developed tool which is intended to help schools allocate support to children with SEN in a fair, consistent and transparent way.

The grid is split into the four categories of SEN used in the SEND Code of Practice:

  1. communication and interaction
  2. cognition and learning
  3. social, emotional and mental health
  4. sensory and/or physical needs

Within each category, the grid describes five levels of need. Level 1 is for children whose needs can be met with simple adjustments to support which is normally available in school. Level 5 describes the support children with the most complex needs might require. Children can be at more than one level if their needs fall into more than one category of SEN.

For each category and level of need, the grid describes a package of provision. Schools are expected to use this as a guide for planning SEN Support. The use of the grid is moderated by the Inclusion Taskforce (a group of locality/lead SENCOS, head teachers and relevant professionals) to ensure that it is used consistently by all schools in the city.

You can download the Sheffield Support Grid and guidance notes from the Learn Sheffield website (click on "Guidance").

Last updated: 29/10/2018

Information owner: SEND Assessment and Review Service (SENDSARS)

Last Updated: 05/06/2019
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