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Support in education (Local Offer)

In this section, you can find services providing support in education for children with SEND.

School health and support services

The Health Visiting and School Nursing Team form part of the Sheffield’s 0-19 Service. They work closely with community paediatricians, GPs, health visitors and other specialist professionals. Members of the School Nursing Team visit all schools in Sheffield. The team carries out routine health screening for all pupils. They also carry out scheduled immunisation programmes.

Helping children with specialist educational needs

Other Services support pupils with special education needs and disabilities.

The Mainstream Schools Therapy Services supports pupils with physical disabilities.

There are also support services for pupils with sensory impairments: Service for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Children and the Vision Support Service.

Other services support pupils with Special Educational Needs, such as the Sheffield Autism Team. Some services provide support to schools, such as the Fusion Teaching School Alliance.

There is also advice available about SEN support in schools. For pupils without a diagnosis, there are also assessment services.

Hospital education

If your child is in hospital, the School Teaching Team, which is part of the Becton Hospital and Outreach Education Team, can help them keep up with their schooling until they are fit enough to return to school.

Home education

There are listings for services that support pupils who are home educated.

There is also some information on the Sheffield City Council website: Home Education.

More special educational needs and disabled children’s events and services.

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