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Famlingo Ltd

It's never too late or too early - start learning sign today! Famlingo provides friendly and accessible tutoring and workshops tailored to you. We cater for families, Early Years (0-5), organisations and individuals wanting to learn sign language. If you'd like to find out more about how Famlingo could help you on your signing journey, please get in touch.


Parents/Carers and Families

Famlingo and can provide you with a tool for communication that can reduce frustration, increase family bonds and enhance language and literacy skills. Research studies show that groups of hearing babies who were given sign language training had a higher IQ than non-signing babies of the same age when compared several years later.

Nurseries and Early Years (0-5)
Adding signs to songs and stories can be a fun way of engaging your children during these activities. Signing improves fine motor skills, gives pre-verbal children a way to communicate with you using simple signs and can lead on to early language development.

Corporate and Organisations (CPD)
If you'd like to offer your staff sign language training, we can support you with getting the best advice and training most suitable for your establishment.

If you're looking to polish your existing signing skills and vocabulary or you'd like to start from the basics, we can help you to improve your sign language knowledge and confidence at a pace that suits you.

Famlingo uses signs from the nationally recognised language British Sign Language (BSL) and so can be used to communicate with BSL users around the UK.

For more information, get in touch today!

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