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Sheffield Health Trainers Programme


Sheffield Health Trainers are funded through Sheffield City Council (SCC) & NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCGs).

Sheffield Health Trainers Programme is a free and confidential service that can support people on a one to one basis, around changing or leading a healthy lifestyle. Health Trainers also support people living with long term conditions (Chronic Pain & Diabetes type 2 etc).

Health Trainers can support you over a 6-7 week period to set health goals around your health needs. The goals can be healthy eating, weight loss or increase in physical activity, referral to stop smoking, alcohol reduction, signposting to other services, social isolation, low mood, depression, anxiety and more. Health Trainers will support you to develop a Personal Health Plan, which will help you to achieve your new health goal.

Health Trainers are friendly, understanding & supportive. They will help and encourage you to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. So why wait? Contact your closest Health Trainer.

• Burngreave / Firvale (Sorby House/SOAR) - Naheen Mohammed or Rita Wilcock on 0114 213 2591 extension 591 or 07956 605618 or 07961581122

• Sharrow / Broomhall (Shipshape) - Don Gooden, Samia Masood Karen Salmon,  Nur Ali (city centre worker) Saima Rehman or Phil Eddyshaw 0114 250 0222 

• Darnall / Tinsley (Darnall Wellbeing) - Waqas Hameed, 07825 290770 or Yvonne Witter 07825 291322. Office, Noreen Akhtar or Eram Kaid 0114 249 6315 (Diabetes, Chronic pain and Generic)

• Manor / Castle / Arbourthorne / Norfolk Park / Wybourn & Woodthorpe (Manor & Castle Development Trust) - Laura Frost, Michael Mekoewn, julie staniforth 07966 086652 or Laura Frost, 07918 054103. Office 0114 252 1082

• Upperthorpe / Netherthorpe / Langsett (ZEST) - Nighat Ahmed, 07969 462956 or 0114 270 2040 ext.232

• Winn Gardens, based in Fairlawns Medical Centre - Sarah Longfield,07873 356417 or 0114 270 2040 ext.232.

• Firth Park / Brushes / Stubbin (SOAR) - Paul Nash, 07823 558700 or 0114 244 0401

• North Sheffield: Parson Cross and Southey (Southey Owlerton Area Regeneration) - Ruth Lawson 0114 213 4074 or 07960 084 251

• Gleadless Area (Reach South Sheffield) - Kim Hincliffe, 0114 239 4466 or 07825 604477

• Woodhouse, Westfield & Hackenthorpe (Woodhouse District Community Forum) – Kate Russell 0114 269 0222 or 07969 183986

• High Green - (SOAR) Nicky Banks on 0114 213 3407 or  07904 164222

. City Centre (Shipshape) - Nur Ali -  0114 250 0222 or 07444 334651

if you wish to speak to a HT please contact the nearset HT in your area by one of the numbers above. For further information about the Sheffield Healh Trainers please contact Aziz Muthana Health Trainer Manager on 0114 293 0682 or we also accept referral to this email. if you wish to send in a referral, please send to address below. please mark envelope Confidential.

Aziz Muthana

Sheffield Health Trainer Manager

Sheffield City Council

Moorfoot Building

Floor 11, North wing Zone 6

Sheffield S2 4Pl.  



Who to contact

Contact Name
Aziz Muthana
Contact Position
Sheffield Health Trainer Manager
0114 293 0682
0114 293 0682
Sheffield City Council

When is it on?

Time / Date Details
Mon to Fri - 9am to 4pm.
Time of day
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Session Information
People can be seen at some GP practices or within the community.

Inclusion Information

Wheelchair Access
Cater for special dietary requirements
Supports special needs and disabilities
Able to accommodate other cultures/ethnicities
Culture/ethnicities accommodated

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
Referral required
Referral Details
  1. all referral to any of the above telephone numbers or email address
Age Range
16 years 0 months to 0 years 0 months

Last Updated
health, wellbeing, long term condition, depression, increase activity, anxiety, healthy, eating, diet, isolation, referral to stop smoking, alochol reduction etc
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