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Wisewood Primary School

Who to contact

0114 234 3304
Wisewood Primary School website

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Wisewood Primary School
Ben Lane
S6 4SD

Other Details

Age Range
4 years to 11 years
  • Secure setting
  • Visual aids
Providers who offer pickups from this setting
Joanne Belk-Hodkinson, Childminder 

DISCLAIMER: Wisewood Primary School is not responsible for other childcare providers who are available to pick up from the setting and their inclusion on this list should not be understood to represent a partnership or endorsement. It is the parent or carer's responsibility to check that they are satisfied with the quality of additional providers.

Local Offer


Wisewood is a small, friendly, inclusive school with a real family feel. We educate 4-11 year olds using a creative curriculum to inspire our young learners.  

Contact Name
Sally Leech
Contact Telephone
0114 234 3304
Contact Email
Wisewood Primary School Ofsted Report
Local Offer Age Bands
Primary (4-10 years)
SEN Provision Type

Schools Extended Local Offer Response

Please state the number of pupils on your roll and your average class size 

Number on roll: 153

Our average class size is 25 pupils

How does the setting identify learners with SEN? 

Learners with SEND are identified through information provided by previous educational settings, i.e. Preschools or a child’s previous school.

Once in Wisewood Primary School, class teachers will liaise with the school SENCO to identify children with SEND.  Following a period of monitoring, children may be assessed by an outside professional such as an Educational Psychologist, or by a Learning Support Teacher to identify possible barriers to learning and to offer suggestions to support the child on their learning journey.

If necessary, referrals to the Sheffield Autism Team, Speech and Language and/or Hearing Impaired Services will be made.

Is your setting physically accessible to all learners? 
  • Visual timetables are used in classrooms to support a variety of learners.
  • The school and playgrounds are secure with a high fence around the perimeter.
  • Visitors to the school can only access it via a gated security system.
How does your setting adapt the curriculum for learners with SEND? 
  • The school provides a rich curriculum where learning tasks are differentiated to meet the needs of individuals. 
  • A number of children access additional learning through a range of interventions focused on their needs. 
  • A Learning Mentor supports children with a range of pastoral and social programmes.
What training have your staff received to support learners with SEND? 

A number of support staff have special Speech and Language training.

Expertise from outside of school is regularly accessed via Learning Support teachers, the Autism Team, Speech and Language and Hearing Impaired Services and Educational Psychologists.

How do you communicate with and involve families? 

To inform parents of children’s progress, we arrange termly parents’ evenings for every child. 

In addition we arrange termly meetings with the class teacher and the school SENCO for children with SEND.

Parents are also welcomed into school to look at books, and to have informal conversations with teachers, or the school SENCO on a twice weekly basis. Also a written report is sent home to parents twice year which highlight children’s progress.

How does the setting evaluate the effectiveness of its provision for learners with SEN and how often does it do this? 

We constantly evaluate our performance by monitoring the progress children with SEND make, during half-termly pupil progress meetings and by looking specifically at how interventions and support is impacting on helping our most vulnerable learners.

What support do you provide for the learners' overall wellbeing? 

The Learning Mentor monitors the social and emotional well-being of learners.  She is a point of contact for parents and pupils and provides a ‘safe haven’ for pupils who at times may need a quiet place to be.  The Learning Mentor also runs sessions focussing on friendship and Wisewood School has a ‘Buddy’ system running in school, where older children support younger, less confident ones.

What kind of behavioural interventions do you use? 

We have a positive behaviour policy which is used throughout the school to celebrate good behaviour and to manage children who need support with their behaviour.  Parents are informed of our policy.

How do you ensure learners with SEND are included in non-classroom based activities? 

All our learners access all of our activities.  Support staff assist where necessary.

Do you offer Breakfast Clubs, After School Clubs or Holiday Clubs? Please specify. 

We have a Breakfast Club available.

How do you consult with and involve learners in their education? 

We have a school council.  We conduct an annual pupil questionnaire to ascertain pupil views which then inform our school action plans

How do you prepare learners with SEND to progress to, from and within your setting? 

The school SENCO oversees transition into our setting from Preschools into our Foundation Stage, and also out of our setting onto Year 7 and secondary school.

Do you have an online prospectus? Are there open days for families and learners? 

More information can be found at our school website.

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