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Sheffield Advocacy Hub - NHS Complaints Advocacy Service


The service provides NHS Complaints Advocacy for children, young people and adults who reside in Sheffield and wish to make a complaint through the NHS complaints procedure.

NHS Complaints Advocates can help if you or someone you know has not had the care or treatment you expect to receive from your NHS services and you want to complain. When your health care is provided or commissioned by the NHS you are allowed to make a complaint
using the NHS complaints process. An NHS complaint might include something that happened during care or treatment provided by:
• a hospital
• your General Practitioner (GP)
• a dentist
• a pharmacist
• a optician
• an NHS funded care home
• specialist services
• a paramedic or ambulance staff member
• NHS Community staff
• other NHS staff or clinicians.

Our Advocacy service supports people through the process of making a complaint about the NHS, ensuring that their voice is heard. The service is free, independent of the NHS and confidential.

We are aware that the vast majority of people will feel confident enough to make a complaint on their own, without an allocated Advocate and we have a range of easy to use Self Help information to assist those who feel able to pursue a complaint on their own. This information is available in a range of community languages and formats such as easy read and large print.

The additional support of an allocated Advocate may be used by anyone who does not feel able to make a complaint on their own, or who is already in the process of making a complaint but does not feel they are being heard.

The NHS Complaints Advocacy service ensures that anybody who requires support to make a complaint will be given it. We work with individuals to determine the right level of support for them. Advocates can support individuals with writing letters of complaint and attending meetings to discuss their complaint. They can also work with people to explore their options during the complaints process and to help them to monitor the progress of the complaint.


NHS Complaints Advocacy service is independent of the NHS and delivers a free, confidential service.

Who to contact

Freephone 0800 035 0396

Where to go

Postal address:
Sheffield Advocacy Hub
Michael Carlisle Centre
75 Osborne Road
S11 9BF

Inclusion Information

Wheelchair Access
Able to accommodate other cultures/ethnicities

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