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Building Bonds Scheme for Postnatal Depression or Families in Hardship


Babies want to be close to their parents and carers; it helps them to feel safe. They cry less when held and rocked and soothed, and will usually fall asleep in their carer’s arms. In arms carrying can be tiring, so using a sling or carrier can make life much easier. Using a carrier bring many therapeutic benefits to babies and carers. It can also be very useful for those at risk of or suffering with mood disorders. Post natal depression and anxiety is very common, even though many families feel unable to tell others how they feel.

If you (or your partner or someone you know) are suffering from postnatal depression, or have a child with a serious illness or disability, our Building Bonds Scheme will help you. We will show you how to use an appropriate carrier safely and loan you one for as long as you need. Our support will be free for those in financial hardship and discounted for others. We trust that our loaned carriers will be returned for the benefit of other families.

Click here to find out more and how to refer yourself to the scheme.

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Rosie Knowles
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Sheffield Sling Surgery and Library

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