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Sheffield 20s and 30s Walking Group

We are a group 100% run by volunteers. Our members are sociable, independent young people, who venture out into the nearby countryside and Peak District each weekend, hold a host of social events, and go to weekends away further afield.


We're a social walking club based in Sheffield with more than 250 members, and are 100% run by volunteers. We go on walks every weekend in the countryside nearby, have social meet-ups of various kinds, and organise weekends away to areas farther afield.

Once new members have attended three walks or socials, we ask them to join the Ramblers, the charity to which the group is affiliated.

We have a new members' social on the first Tuesday of every month, where you can pop to the pub and meet new and existing members and be welcomed to the group by our Publicity Officer. Find out more on our website. 

Who to contact

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Publicity Officer
Sheffield 20s and 30s Walking Group

Where to go

All over the Peak District

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