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The Tenant's Voice


The Tenant's Voice is the largest UK community for tenants.

We provide free advice and tenant education on how to live on rent, learn the rights and responsibilities of tenants, landlords and letting agents and improve their renting experience. There are many available guides, training and support information to tap into. 

Our forum section is catered to by industry professionals who can give actionable advice on how to resolve specific tenancy problems. Renters are free to post their questions in our FAQ section or create a discussion in the forums - either way, they will get their answer in due time. 

Finally, renters can make use of our letting agents and tenant services directories. We follow a thorough procedure to assess letting agents and service providers and rate them for our users. That way they can find vetted companies and professional to help them with their problems. 

We do not condemn landlords or letting agents, we simply empower tenants to act in their self interest within the boundaries of the law. 

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