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UTC Sheffield - City Centre


A school for 14-19 year olds who wish to pursue an Engineering or CDM specialism alongside other subjects.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Christina Gibson
Contact Position
Senior Leader for Inclusion/SENCO
0114 260 3970
UTC Sheffield

Where to go

U T C Sheffield - City Centre
111 Matilda Street
S1 4QF

Inclusion Information

Wheelchair Access
Supports special needs and disabilities
Special needs and disabilities experience
Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Local Offer


14-19 years with specialisms in Engineering & Creative Digital Media.

Core subjects run alongside the specialisms and GCSE options of Product Design, Geography and Art. French is the Modern Foreign Language (MFL) undertaken by all students in Y10 & Y11.

A Levels complement the technical offer,  we offer strong provision in Sciences; Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, Product Design and creative subjects; English Literature,  Fine Art, Photography.

Contact Name
Christina Gibson (SENCO)
Contact Telephone
0114 260 3970
Contact Email
School Website
School Prospectus
Local Offer Age Bands
Secondary (11-16 years)
Transitions to Adulthood (16+)
SEN Provision Type

Schools Extended Local Offer Response

If you are a specialist setting what other admissions criteria do you use? 

Students must choose one of the two specialisms – Engineering or Creative & Digital Media (CDM) at one of two entry points: entry into KS4 or KS5.

KS5 entry for level 3 courses = 5xA*-C including English & Maths

Please state the number of pupils on your roll and your average class size 
  • Average class size = 24 students;
  • Number of pupils on roll = 465 approx as of 2016
How does the setting identify learners with SEN? 
  • Information provided by parents and feeder schools.
  • Individual assessment by external specialist e.g. Educational Psychologist.
  • Access arrangements for examinations are carried out by an external professional.
  • We currently do not have trained specialist assessors.
Is your setting physically accessible to all learners? 
  • There is 1 building with wheelchair access.
  • As a new setting, there have been no improvements in the Auditory and Visual environment and we do not use Visual aids.
  • Equipment and facilities offered include ramp and lift access
  • There is 1 disabled changing area and disabled toilets are situated around the building.
  • There is no facility for students to eat lunch other than in the upstairs restaurant
How does your setting adapt the curriculum for learners with SEND? 
  • The SENCO designs support with learning manages x2 and x2 Learning Support Assistants and an Inclusion Manager
  • Differentiation is every classroom teacher’s responsibility – we have an ethos of quality first teaching, therefore students are not withdrawn from classes for support; nor are they supported by Teaching Assistants or Learning Support assistants in class. Staff capacity cannot support in class support or withdrawals. We aim to develop differentiation within a class.
  • The setting will make reasonable adjustments to routine to help learners with SEN, within the constraints of the specialisms offered and the challenges of our curriculum.
What training have your staff received to support learners with SEND? 
  • Staff training: includes SENCO accredited training provided by Wolverhampton University: scribe and reader examination support training
  • SEN register; emails to staff; electronic SEN folder kept on the staff shared drive; staff briefings and in-house CPD. Learning managers also circulate information verbally and via email. Students with specific needs are issued with learner passes to alert staff if they need to do so.
  • Specialist expertise provided by Educational Psychologist and Learning Support Assessor for exam access testing.
  • No staff trained to administer medicines, feeding or to provide personal care.
  • Kite marks/accreditations
How do you communicate with and involve families? 
  • We communicate via email & telephone. Parents’ evenings also take place every 6 weeks and follow a mailed copy of a progress tracker so that parents/carers are regularly informed of their child’s progress across all subjects. Additionally, we run open evenings throughout the year so that the parents of prospective UTC students can meet staff, tour the building etc. We have opened a parent portal for online access.
  • We are in the process of setting up termly meetings/telephone calls for parents with the SENCO/Learning Managers/Inclusion Manager 
  • We do not have a SEN group for parents – insufficient need at present and our parent group is geographically dispersed as we draw from across the region. Online access could provide this in the future.
  • Currently, all of our English as an Additional Language (EAL) families are able to communicate very successfully in English.
How does the setting evaluate the effectiveness of its provision for learners with SEN and how often does it do this? 
  • As a new setting, with a new SENCO, we are involved in an ongoing process of reviewing our provision for our SEN learners’ needs.
What support do you provide for the learners' overall wellbeing? 
  • PSHE Curriculum developing through the Tutor Group Programme, Citizenship and Theme Fridays.
  • Student Voice is well-established through Student Council, regular surveys, suggestion box and an extensive enrichment provision.
  • Disability Awareness is taught through timetabled Citizenship lessons and Form Tutor Programme.
  • Learning Managers very quickly identify students struggling with isolation or friendship.
  • Support is offered through regular drop-in opportunities with learning /managers for each year group
What kind of behavioural interventions do you use? 
  • We follow a robust consequences system which means that behaviour is exemplary – we have no extreme behaviour as a result. All staff are committed to a positive, firm but fair approach to behaviour, picking up low level disruption immediately and consistently to ensure learning is not interrupted.
  •  Learning Managers and Form Tutors follow up any pastoral issues quickly including monitoring attendance. Attendance sheets are issued to Form Tutors by the Data Manager to follow up any absences, observe patterns and seek consultation with parents where necessary.
  • As yet there have been no instances of extreme behaviour because the system we follow heads off developing problems quickly and ensures escalation does not occur.
  • If necessary the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) will respond quickly to back up staff and ensure consequences are followed and individuals seen and reprimanded to ensure they are back on track.
How do you ensure learners with SEND are included in non-classroom based activities? 
  • At present all learners access all activities.
  • Parents are involved in consultation and our Parent Portal and scheduled parent evenings and drop ins, allowing us to hear from our parent constituency and respond accordingly. We also regularly consult our parents by questionnaire and via our website access.
Do you offer Breakfast Clubs, After School Clubs or Holiday Clubs? Please specify. 

Breakfast Club - Available from 8am every day.

After School Club - Enrichment activities run within the school day: 3.50– 4.50pm Tuesday, Wednesdays & Thursdays


How do you consult with and involve learners in their education? 
  • Student Voice allows our students to express their views
  • Our students are regularly consulted via the ambassador groups and Student Council, regular surveys and open door policy by SLT and Learning Managers.
  • Meetings with the SENCO to look at any barriers to learning and how to overcome them in lessons.
Do you have an online prospectus? Are there open days for families and learners? 
  • On-line prospectus and hard copies available during open evenings. Open evenings are held regularly throughout the year and are advertised on the web-site.
Do you offer outreach to home educating families? 
  • PE takes place at Pond’s Forge and one of the activities on offer is swimming.
  • No outreach or after-school clubs as we run an extended school day: 8.30-4.50pm and many of our students travel some distance to be with us.

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