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Knights In Battle Medieval Society

A medieval re-enactment group doing battle re-enactments, tournaments, living history, school visits, and other activities based on the later medieval period (roughly 1200-1485).


Knights in Battle (usually known as KIBS) is based in Sheffield and has regular weekly indoor practices. We travel (usually within 100 miles of Sheffield) to perform our re-enactment displays at fairs, festivals, etc. and to participate in battle re-enactments with other groups - sometimes with up to 2,000 other combatants on the field.

Our main periods of re-enactment are 13th-century tournaments (set in 1210, mail armour and shields, the wicked knights of King John vs. the people's champion Saxon knights) and Wars of the Roses battles and living history encampments (1455-85, plate armour and double-handed weapons, the Yorkist household of Sir John Howard, Duke of Norfolk). Many of our members are mainly here for the fighting - the adrenaline rush of hand-to-hand combat with real (but blunt!) steel weapons is like nothing else, and this is the only way British archers get to shoot at living targets (though to keep the rest of the Society alive we do insist on special blunt arrows with slow flights!). Others are more interested in other aspects of medieval life - we have cooks, musicians, a basket-weaver, and a barber-surgeon, and there are some people with a great interest in costume who will help and advise you.

Combat training is the main focus of the regular practice evenings, though it is a social time too, with lively conversation around the fighting floor. Training is free and you must get to the level where our Swordmaster feels you can free-fight safely before you will be allowed to fight in public. We don't do choreographed fights so all combat relies on the abilities of both opponents to keep us safe!

Children (under 16) are welcome as long as there is a responsible adult with them at all times. They can start learning to fight at 8 years old.

The historical events we go to are sometimes one-day events, sometimes a full weekend. Where we're staying over, we will camp in the venue - some of us in medieval tents, some in modern ones, and we usually have a couple of campervans in the 'plastic camping' area. The evening is spent sitting around the campfire, chatting socially and there may be some mead or wine present...

Obviously the previous paragraphs are the 'normal' situation. While corona virus precautions are in place we are not getting together for regular practices and there are no public events for us to perform at.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Ryan Woodwards
Contact Position
Ryan Woodwards - 07716173056
Ryan Woodwards -
Knights In Battle

Where to go

St Augustine's Church
Brocco Bank
S11 8RS

We practice in the Church Hall in St Augustine's, which is the rear part of the main body of the church. It has kitchen and toilet facilities.

When is it on?

Time / Date Details
Every Wednesday evening 7.30 - 9.30pm.
Time of day

Inclusion Information

Supports special needs and disabilities

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£10 or £20
Membership of KIBS alone is £10 per annum, or £20 if you also want to join the Wars of the Roses Federation to take part in other groups' events. All the Society's costs are hopefully covered by the fees we charge for displays so there is no additional fee to attend practices.
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