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Drama and PSCHE Workshops by Professional Theatre Maker and Teacher

Drama and PSCHE Workshops for children, young people and adults. Providing a safe space for individuals to thrive which can be tailored for groups and individuals in South Yorkshire


Lauren Hart is a native English Speaker, qualified teacher and professional artist. She has 10 years experience working as a drama specialist, teacher, youth worker, mentor and workshop facilitator for children, young people and adults. She has extensive experience working with individuals with learning disabilities, special educational (SEN) and behavioural needs (EBD) and English as a foreign language (EAL). She has worked in schools, youth clubs, theatres, private businesses and community groups in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Germany. 

She is keen to introduce the art of theatre and performance to those who have not had the opportunity to experience it before and teach others how to use it as a tool of self-expression. She aims to create value in society where ever she is in the world. All her workshops are underpinned by her ethos that everyone is valuable and unique. Her aim is to empower individuals by providing a safe and comfortable space allowing each person the freedom to be themselves in order to thrive and share their true potential. 

Lauren is available to teach private classes, workshops and ongoing projects for groups and individuals. Maximum group size is 30 people. All workshops and projects can be tailored to the needs of your group for children, young people or adults. 


Workshops Children / Young People / Adults

Issue based 

- Staying safe online

- Peer pressure

- Anti bullying

- Cyber bullying

- Drugs and smoking awareness

- Healthy relationships

- Confidence building

- Body Image & Self Esteem

- Eating Disorders

- Sexting

- Mental health 



- Drama

- Movement


- Acting

- Directing

- Devising theatre

- Making your own performance

- Public speaking

- Improvisation

- Physical theatre

- Script writing

- Audience participation

- Site-specific theatre

- One-to-one performance

Project Types

- hourly

- half day

- full day

- weekly

- project weeks

- 6 - 12 week projects

Who to contact

Contact Name
Lauren Hart
Contact Position
Theatre Maker & Educator
Lauren Hart Theatre Maker & Educator

Inclusion Information

Supports special needs and disabilities
Able to accommodate other cultures/ethnicities

Other Details


Can cater for a variety of needs

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