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Angram Bank Primary School - Integrated Resource for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Children


The school has been resourced by the Local Authority to meet the needs of Deaf and Hearing Impaired children (HI children).

Who to contact

0114 2848853
Parent Organisation
Angram Bank Primary School

Where to go

Angram Bank Primary School Integrated Resource for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Children
Angram Bank Primary School
Kinsey Road
High Green
S35 4HN

When is it on?

Time of day
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Inclusion Information

Supports special needs and disabilities
Special needs and disabilities experience
Hearing impairment

Other Details

Referral Details



Age Range
4 years to 11 years

Local Offer


The school has been resourced by the Local Authority to meet the needs of Deaf and Hearing Impaired children (HI children).

Contact Name
Louise Antonen
Contact Telephone
0114 2848853
Contact Email
Local Offer Age Bands
Primary (4-10 years)
SEN Provision Type

Schools Extended Local Offer Response

If you are a specialist setting what other admissions criteria do you use? 

Places in the resource for HI children are allocated by the Local Authority, following the statutory assessment and statementing procedure.

Please state the number of pupils on your roll and your average class size 
  • There are currently 18 HI children who are part of the integrated resource provision for Deaf and Hearing Impaired children.
  • These children are spread out in different classes from foundation stage to Year 6 depending on their age.
  • The children are part of the mainstream school.
  • Please refer to Angram Bank school’s details for further information.
How does the setting identify learners with SEN? 
  • Pupils accessing the resource for HI children have had their needs assessed by the Local Authority under the statutory assessment and statementing process.
  • They have access to assessments carried out by a Teacher of the Deaf, Educational audiologist and a Speech and Language therapist.
Is your setting physically accessible to all learners? 
  • Deaf and Hearing Impaired learners have the opportunity to work one-to-one or in small groups in a quiet withdrawal room for some sessions every week with a Teacher of the Deaf.
  • When in a mainstream class they have some supported session by a teaching assistant who is experienced in supporting HI children.
  • The school classrooms meet the acoustic requirements for HI children, and Soundfield Systems are provided in some classrooms.  Radio aid systems are provided for pupils.
How does your setting adapt the curriculum for learners with SEND? 
  • The Teacher of the Deaf based in the school works with mainstream staff to ensure that the curriculum is appropriately differentiated for HI learners.
  • Individual learning plans are put in place by the Teacher of the Deaf, in consultation with the Speech and Language Therapist as appropriate
  • HI children take part in activities to help support their social development as necessary.
What training have your staff received to support learners with SEND? 
  • The Teachers of the Deaf have the mandatory qualification.  Other staff working for the resource provision with HI children have had training in supporting HI children.
  • The Educational Audiologist and specialist Speech and Language Therapist visits regularly.


How do you communicate with and involve families? 
  • Children accessing the resource provision have ‘home-school’ books to ensure good communication.  The specialist staff also keep in contact with families through telephone and e-mail.  Interpreters are provided as necessary.
  • Targets are discussed and set at parents meetings, as well as annual reviews.
How does the setting evaluate the effectiveness of its provision for learners with SEN and how often does it do this? 
  • The resource has been audited using the NDCS Quality Standards for resourced provision.
  • Feedback from parent/carers and pupils is sought annually.
  • Pupil progress is continually tracked and monitored.
What support do you provide for the learners' overall wellbeing? 
  • Mainstream staff and children are given ‘Deaf Awareness’ sessions.
  • Reverse integration sessions support social inclusion.  Group sessions in the resource will include work on social skills and allow children to share any concerns.
How do you ensure learners with SEND are included in non-classroom based activities? 

HI learners play a full part in the life of the school, with appropriate support as necessary.

Do you offer Breakfast Clubs, After School Clubs or Holiday Clubs? Please specify. 
  • See Angram Bank school response.
  • However, if the child is using SEN transport they would need to be brought to school by the parent in order to attend breakfast club.
  • For after school clubs the parent would need to collect the child after the club.
How do you consult with and involve learners in their education? 

HI learners contribute their views via the annual review process.  The way they do this depends on their level of development and communication skills, and may include photographs, video, etc.

How do you prepare learners with SEND to progress to, from and within your setting? 

HI children are given an enhanced transition programme before they start at the school, and on leaving for future provision.

Do you have an online prospectus? Are there open days for families and learners? 

Places at Angram Bank HI resource come through a referral from:

Service for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Children, Floor 4, North Wing, Moorfoot Building, Sheffield S1 4PL

Telephone: 0114 273 6410 

  • The prospectus would be given when suitability had been assessed by this service
  • Visits can the.n be arranged for families to look around.
Does your setting offer any additional services for learners with SEND? 

Angram Bank integrated resource is part of the Service for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Children:

Floor 4, North Wing, Moorfoot Building, Sheffield S1 4PL
Telephone: 0114 273 6410

Outreach and training is available by contacting them for other Educational provisions.

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