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Self Defence and Fitness Crookes


Our  self defence and fitness  training is delivered by Garry Smith 4th Dan, Bill Barrott 5th dan and Jayne Wharf 3rd dan and is  rooted firmly in the real world. Students find the training practical, enjoyable and adaptable to their own needs and limits. We do not use fear as a motivator in our training, whilst we recognise that sometimes the world is a dangerous place, in most of our everyday lives we do not meet conflict that often. However, conflict can arise uninvited in our lives and those who train with the Academy will be better equipped if and when it arrives at their door. An old Chinese proverb states “train an army for a thousand years to fight only one day”, whilst we all hope that the ‘one day’ never arrives any read of the papers will tell us that for too many people it does and sadly many people get hurt as the lack the skills and knowledge to deal with unwanted violence. At the Academy everyone works at their pace, (this is not a boot camp), using a mixture of traditional and innovative training methods. This is not a martial art, there are no belts or uniforms, no expensive exams or membership fees. You pay for the training you get, that’s it, no hidden costs. The curriculum draws on effective techniques from a range of martial arts and fighting techniques to provide students with the best of the best. Most of all the training is fun, we always make the sessions enjoyable and working out with like minded individuals in a friendly atmosphere really gets those endorphin's flowing.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Garry Smith
Academy of Self Defence

Where to go

Crookes Social Club
Mulehouse Road
S10 1TD

When is it on?

Time / Date Details
7 to 8.30pm
Time of day

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Table of costs
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Age Range
16 years to

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