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Alexander Technique with Lucy Ascham

These individual lessons provide the user-manual for our mind-body and emotions. Through games, small movements and active rest we can learn how to reset our stress levels and improve our ability to manage ourselves. Gain confidence, improve the way you stand, walk and sit and maintain your balance and poise.


Individual lessons, daytimes and during the week in S11.  Everybody is welcome.  Many people come to the Alexander Technique work with aches and pains which other treatments and therapies have not resolved.  We look for the root cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.  You can learn in what subtle, hidden and on-going ways you may be holding tension, restricting movement and sustaining patterns of pain.  We work with the body's natural wisdom and intelligence and see what is blocking it from fuller health.  When we stop doing the unhelpful and even harmful habits of tension/response then the mind and body flow with more health and harmony.  This can help us maintain and improve our balance and coordination.  As we undo unnecessary tension and return to the body being more expansive as we move, there is more efficiency in our movements and stamina to continue doing what you do, be that sewing, gardening or running.  Its simple to learn and using it in daily life is the on-going experiment and challenge.  It can bring much richness and pleasure to everyday movements and moments.

Many actors, musicians and athletes have enjoyed the benefits of working at peak levels of performance using this technique.  The better we know ourselves and how to optimise the way we use our mind and bodies, the more we can enjoy whatever we are doing.

Would you like to swap aches and pains for more ease and increased freedom?

Would you like to learn how your mind, muscles, skeleton and emotions are meant to work together as a team?  You can learn this.  It can help you find calm, clarity, and self-mastery.

individual lessons are the best way to learn this skill, put it into practice and get clear and kind feedback for on-going improvements.

10-20 minutes daily practice will be asked of you to support your learning and growing skills.

"I’ve found that Lucy’s lessons involve calm talking, with guidance from her hands, through one’s awareness of the neck, spine and limbs as a connected whole, and the encouragement to allow one’s body to ‘be free’.  As much as anything, I find that the self-awareness and quiet recognition of one’s body seems to allow a sense of space and alert relaxation.  At the end of a lesson I find myself feeling taller, wider, and calmer. Despite the evidence of MR scans of my spine, somehow I even have less back and neck pain! ”  Julian Davis, Retired Professor of Medicine

Who to contact

Contact Name
Lucy Ascham
Contact Position
Alexander Technique Teacher
07949 522 655
Lucy Ascham With Poise

Where to go

Teaching Room
Armthorpe Road
S. Yorkshire
S11 7FA

Upstairs teaching room, on street parking, near 120 and 83a bus routes.

Mainly day time and weekday appointments.

When is it on?

Time / Date Details
Open Monday to Fridays from 9.00am until 6.30pm
Time of day

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£55 Per hour
The initial Consultation Lesson of 1.5 hours is £75
Age Range
6 years to 106 years

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