From the moment your baby is conceived, their development and brain are influenced by the world around them.

Through learning your baby’s needs and responding to these, you can support them to feel loved and safe. This helps them to build their social and emotional wellbeing to give them the best start in life.

Through listening to your baby, and through watching how they try to share their feelings and needs with you, you can bond with them and build up your relationship.

Sharing moments with your baby, and giving them your attention supports their development through:

  • Giving them the skills to understand and manage their emotions and behaviour
  • Building their confidence in themselves
  • Helping them to develop trusting relationships with others
  • Supporting them to grow up feeling safe, secure and ready to play, explore and learn

Although having a baby can be a special and joyous time, it can also be challenging. Sometimes, it can feel hard to cope with sleepless nights, feeding and crying, alongside keeping them healthy and comfortable.

Sometimes other things can affect how you feel and act around your baby, such as a traumatic pregnancy or birth, mental health problems (such as depression or anxiety), loss and bereavement, or events from the past or present.

By taking time to look after your health and wellbeing, you can relax your mind and build a positive and loving relationship with your baby. By playing with them, comforting them and chatting to them, you can support their development and help them to feel happy and safe.