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Young Carers

What is a Young Carer?

If you are a young person caring for someone in your family with a long term illness, disability, mental health problems or issues with drug or alcohol abuse you are a young carer. The caring you provide may include providing practical care, personal care and providing emotional support.

No doubt about it caring for someone is hard work! Especially when you are young. What you do for your family member is invaluable and no doubt they appreciate everything you do for them but it can make you feel tired, frustrated and isolated. It can impact on School and your social life. You may worry about the person you are caring for when you aren’t with them.

You are not alone! In Sheffield there are at least 7000 young carers (upto 25 years old) and over 2000 of these are under 16. There is help and support for you and you can contact other young people who are carers like you. Talking to someone who has similar problems and understands how you feel can be a huge help. Don’t be afraid to get the support that’s out there.

Getting help and support

Sheffield Young Carers is an independent charity dedicated to supporting young carers across the City.

You are entitled to a Young Carers Assessment a professional can help assess what support you need – this could be one to one support, group activities and respite breaks.

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