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Templates for SEN Support

Graduated approach

The local authority has created a range of templates for education providers to use in supporting learners with SEND. These templates have been designed to grow as a learner's needs grow, and so they fit within each other – a bit like Russian dolls. Different learners will have different levels of needs and not everyone needs all of these documents.

Whilst schools are encouraged to use the Learner Profile and SEND Support Plan provided by the local authority, they may have developed their own version that already has this information within it and works for the individual school in line with their policy and practice.

You can download the templates and guidance notes from the Downloads section on this page.

Learner Profile

A Learner Profile is an effective way of sharing key information about a child with other people, such as teachers, childminders or support staff. It tells people on a single sheet of A4 what their strengths are, what is important to them, and how they can best be supported. It helps to ensure that the child’s voice is central to everything.

Schools are expected to use learner profiles for most pupils with SEN. For those with lower-level needs, this will be a standalone document; for those with higher-level needs, the learner profile should form part of a bigger plan.
Preparing a learner profile should be a joint effort, with the pupil, parents and school staff all playing an equal part. Learner profiles should be kept under review and may need to be updated on a termly basis.

SEND Support Plan

The SEND Support Plan provides a format to review progress towards the outcomes and targets for the year. Reviews should take place on a termly basis. This is similar to an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Individual Behaviour Plan (IBP). Many schools have developed their own versions of this tool.

My Plan

See our flowchart in the download section of this page. This explains what MyPlans are. Information in alternative languages is also provided in the download section of this page.

Schools are expected to use a My Plan where there is a need for co-ordination of provision because a child has long-term needs and requires support from a range of services.

The My Plan records a child’s educational, health and social care needs, the outcomes they are working towards, and the support provided. It looks similar to an EHC (Educational, Health and Care) plan, but is non-statutory, which means it does not confer any legal rights.

The My Plan is a document that gradually builds to provide a comprehensive record of needs and support. It should be developed and reviewed through a collaborative approach, with school, parents and professionals all working together as equal partners.

The My Plan should be reviewed at least three times per year. At least one of these reviews should be a full multi-agency review; this means that external professionals like speech and language therapists should be asked to attend or send a report.

The Learner Profile and SEND Support Plan are built into the My Plan to enable good planning and review of provision.

The SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator) should ensure that everyone who works with the pupil understands the My Plan and implements the provision agreed.

Last reviewed: 12/02/2021
Information owner:
SEND Assessment and Review Service (SENDSARS)

Last Updated: 17/09/2021
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