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Inclusion Co-production in Sheffield

The Sheffield City Council, The Sheffield Clinicial Commissiong Group (CCG), Sheffield Parent Carer Forum and other services have described how services should work with children, young people and their families. Read our Inclusion Co-production Charter to find out more.

Last reviewed: 09/07/2021
Information owner: Strategy and Commissioning, People Portfolio

Sheffield Inclusion Co-Production Charter

A way of working where children, young people, families and those that provide the services work together to create a decision or service which works for all.  (OFSTED)

As a city we want to ensure that children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and their families are central to what we do. This means listening and working in partnership with children, young people and their families to co-produce services and support. We recognise that organisations have statutory and budgetary responsibilities so need to make final decisions. The decisions that are made will be co-produced to be in the best interest of the people they serve.


There are 4 stages to working together:


  • We develop, design and do together
  • Children, young people, families and professionals work jointly on the development of decisions that are made in an equal and reciprocal manner


  • We decide together
  • Partners work together in strategic and decision making groups to decide what will happen


  • We have a choice then we decide
  • Service users are asked what they think about particular developments and issues


  • Children, young people and families are told
  • Service users are provided information about what is happening


To be successful we need to act with the following 6 principles. When co-producing developments for those with SEND we will:



  • Tell everyone about what can and cannot be done and what can and cannot be changed

  • Identify a clear purpose about what we want to do and why

  • Agree what information can and cannot be shared whilst being as transparent as possible. This will include an accurate record of everyone’s contribution


  • Involve children, young people and their families at all stages of change that may impact them and do this in a way that works for them

  • Make sure everyone’s voice is heard and acted on; and that they are then told what has and has not changed as a result

  • Not use jargon


  • Focus on achievable solutions not problems

  • Only give commitments that we can honour

  • Make sure sufficient resources are identified to carry out work

  • Make sure agreed actions are done on time


  • Make sure that everyone has a voice and has an equally important part to play

  • Use processes that are children, young people and family friendly, which respect different ages, understanding, needs and abilities

  • Consider everyone’s availability and accessibility when planning work and working together


  • Ensure that each individual child or young person is at the centre of any decisions that impact their lives and the outcomes they may achieve

  • Be polite to one another even when challenged

  • Start every piece of work with an open mind

  • Make sure that the process is a positive experience


  • Acknowledge the time and skills everyone has contributed

  • Consider how and when we work so that arrangements work for all

  • Understand that it takes time and effort from everyone to get it right

These principles have been developed in partnership between Sheffield City Council, NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group, Sheffield Parent Carer Forum and using the WIPPY way developed by Chilypep working with Children’s Voices and Sheffield Futures. They were agreed by the Sheffield Inclusion Improvement board in December 2019.

Last Updated: 09/07/2021
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