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Early Help Framework

Our Early Help Framework document can be downloaded here. This document sets out our long-term vision over the next few years for the future of prevention and early help in Sheffield. This serves as a framework that can enable all partners and services to see where we are now and where we need to be in the future. The prevention and early help offer underpins all the offers made to children, young people and families in Sheffield and links together the array of strategies across the city with the key focus on improving outcomes for children, young people and their families. 

The Early Help Framework brings together organisations across the city who deliver services to families at an early stage. It is a single point of access for requesting support and consists of 2 levels of meetings where multi-agency partners meet to consider referrals from professionals and to allocate the right level of Early Help support to families, in accordance with Sheffield’s 5 levels of need. Practitioners working with families who have an unmet (or new need) identified can refer into the Early Help Gateway Meetings for a discussion to access relevant support for the family.

The meetings provide a locality-based, multi-agency forum and decision-making body for the discussion of children, young people and families that may benefit from a co-ordinated package of support from more than one service. More complex cases at level 4 of the threshold of needs will be referred to Multi Agency Complex Case Panel meetings (MACCP)

The Early Help Partnership Board is a multi-agency group which acts as the strategic governing board in relation to the Early Help Framework in Sheffield.

You can download the terms of reference for the early help gateway meetings, the MACCP meetings and the Early Help Board in the downloads panel on the right of this page. Also available to download here are 5 infographics diagrams which help to explain the framework, levels of needs and governance

 The framework is linked to the Sheffield Safeguarding Hub to ensure that safeguarding issues are dealt with swiftly and appropriately.

Information Sharing Guidance  -Appropriate and timely sharing of relevant information is a vital part of the early help framework that has been adopted by organisations that work with children, young people and families in Sheffield. Sharing appropriate information at the right time can improve outcomes for all and can help prevent situations escalating and becoming more serious. The Information Sharing Guidance is intended to enable practitioners to share information in a timely way and with confidence and you can download it here.

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