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Maternity Rights and Benefits

Pregnant employees have 4 main legal rights:

  • paid time off for antenatal care
  • maternity leave
  • maternity pay or maternity allowance
  • protection against unfair treatment, discrimination or dismissal

Employees Maternity/Paternity Rights at Work

The following document sets out what pregnant women must do to take advantage of protections there to help them. It includes guidance on:

  • maternity leave and pay
  • the right not to be treated unfairly because of their pregnancy, child birth or maternity leave

It also includes new guidance on extra paternity leave.
Document: Guidance on maternity and paternity rights for parents of babies born on or after 3 April 2011.

Maternity Pay and Leave

When you take time off to have a baby you might be eligible for:

There are rules on when and how to claim your paid leave and if you want to change your dates.

Calculating your Maternity Pay

Find out:

  • if you can get maternity, paternity or shared parental leave
  • how much pay you can get if you take leave
Last Updated: 15/08/2017
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