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Dementia Support in Sheffield

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Dementia support in Sheffield

If you're living with (or supporting someone living with) memory loss or dementia in Sheffield, there's plenty of support for you.

In Sheffield we believe it's possible to live well with Dementia, so this page contains sources of practical and emotional support for your health, wellbeing and safety.  There are also plenty of ‘at home’ activity ideas for people with dementia (please keep scrolling down the page to see them all). 

For a quick overview you can download:

  • Community Dementia Support in Sheffield for people under 65
  • Community Dementia Support in Sheffield for people over 65. 

You can also download the ‘Dementia Support in Sheffield’ leaflet for more detail of the 2022 information.

Support for people with Dementia


If you have a concern about memory loss or dementia, or to start the diagnosis process, please contact your GP. You can find useful information in the NHS Dementia Guide

Sheffield Memory Service

If you’re waiting for a Memory Service Assessment the Next Steps website gives information about what to expect at your memory assessment, and steps to take care of your wellbeing in the meantime.

The Memory Service's Advice line is open for existing service users and carers, or for anyone who has recently been referred by their GP for a Memory Service Assessment.  If you have worries about dementia medication, are concerned about your own or your loved one's memory, you've noticed a deterioration or just want some advice you can give the team a call on (0114) 271 8585. 

People Keeping Well Community Dementia Support

Your local Sheffield dementia-trained community organisation is here to support you.  You’ll receive a warm welcome from the dementia workers at the People Keeping Well organisations listed below.  They’re all Dementia Friends and have attended Dementia Stars training.

They’ve been adapting throughout the pandemic and now offer (in COVID-safe ways):

  • Dementia information and a friendly listening ear
  • A 6-monthly telephone check-in call to see how you are
  • Regular Dementia-specific and Dementia-friendly:
    • Memory Cafés (with activities, entertainment and information)
    • Dementia Carers groups (including online)
    • Singing groups and choirs
    • Allotment, gardening and farming sessions
    • Chairobics, bowling and exercise classes
    • Online Memory Cafés and dementia-friendly groups via Zoom
    • Social Dining
    • Sporting Memories
    • Coffee Mornings
    • Culturally sensitive groups for men and groups for women.

You can be put in touch via Dementia Advice Sheffield.

Or to find direct contact details of your local dementia-friendly organisation and their current range of interesting, relevant, engaging and fun activities:

  • Please use the map below, enter your postcode and then click on the dot, or
  • You can just click on the coloured area you live in on the map, or
  • Use the contact details in the table below the map.

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List of People Keeping Well Dementia support organisations

Click on the organisation name to go to their Dementia webpage.  Each of the organisation’s Dementia webpages lists the dementia groups and support in their area.


Dementia Support and Groups



Dementia Link Worker


Stocksbridge Community Care Group

Stocksbridge, Upper Don, Deepcar, Wharncliffe Side, Bradfield, Oughtibridge, Worrall

Dave on 0114 283 0141



Chapeltown, High Green, Burncross, Grenoside, Ecclesfield

Rosie on 07538 100 375 or 0114 213 4065



Hillsborough, Middlewood, Wadsley, Loxley, Stannington, Wisewood

0114 270 2020 ext 232



Southey, Owlerton, Parson Cross, Fox Hill, Longley, Shirecliffe, Colley

Rosie on 07538 100 375 or 0114 213 4065



Firth Park, Shiregreen, Flower, Wincobank, Brightside, Stubbin, Brushes

Rosie on 07538 100 375 or 0114 213 4065


Age UK Sheffield

Crookes, Crosspool, Broomhill, Lodgemoor, Fulwood, Ranmoor, Endcliffe, Greystones, Nether Edge, Bents Green, Ecclesall, Brincliffe, Millhouses, Whirlow, Abbeydale, Bradway

Eliza on 0114 250 2850 



Netherthorpe, Upperthorpe, Walkley, Langsett, Crookesmoor     

0114 270 2020 ext 232



Burngreave, Fir Vale, Firshill, Abbeyfield, 

Rosie on 07538 100 375 or 0114 213 4065


Darnall Wellbeing

Darnall, Tinsley, Acres Hill, Handsworth, Housesteads 

Jo-Anne on 07495 548929 or 0114 249 6315 

Community Hub 07946 320 808



City Centre, Sharrow, Broomhall

Nur on 0114 250 0222


Manor Castle Development Trust

Manor, Castle, Park Hill, Wybourn, Woodthorpe

Nigel on 07918 054 103 or 0114 278 9999


Manor Castle Development Trust

Arbourthorne, Norfolk Park 

Nigel on 07918 054 103 or 0114 278 9999


Heeley Trust

Heeley, Meersbrook

Grace on 0114 3991070


Age UK Sheffield

Dore and Totley

Eliza on 0114 250 2850 


Heeley City Farm

Lowedges, Batemoor, Jordanthorpe, Beauchief, Greenhill, Woodseats, Norton

Lee on 0114 258 0482


Heeley City Farm

Gleadless Valley, Heeley, Newfield Green

Lee on 0114 258 0482


Woodhouse & District Community Forum

Woodhouse, Beighton, Mosborough, Sothall, Westfield, Halfway, Waterthorpe, Richmond, Hackenthorpe, Hollinsend, Birley, Charnock, Owlthorpe, Base Green

Nicola on 07586 974483 or

Lesley on 07586 823707 or

call the office on 0114 2690222

Dementia Advice Sheffield

Dementia Advice Sheffield provides a one-stop shop, first point of contact service to respond to any non-clinical dementia-related query from a person who is living with dementia or their family carer.

The specialist dementia advice workers will respond to your initial enquiry and signpost you to the best source of information to meet your specific needs, including resources and services in your local community which can provide ongoing support.

Call 0114 250 2875 or e-mail

Dementia Day Activities in Sheffield

Dementia Day Activities provide a dementia-friendly place to spend the whole day on a regular basis.  They have a range of engaging activities tailored to suit the individual preferences of people with dementia.  They also provide a break for those who care for them at home.

If you are 65 or over with dementia there are two ways to access a Sheffield City Council place:

You can also pay privately to attend Dementia Day Activities by contacting:

If you are under 65 years old with dementia, please see the Young Onset Dementia section below.

Young Onset Dementia

If you’re under 65 and living with, or supporting someone living with, Young Onset Dementia, there’s plenty of help for you in Sheffield.

Young Onset Dementia hub

If you are aged 65 or under and living with, or affected by, young onset dementia or memory problems you can get in touch with Sheffield’s Young Onset Dementia Hub.  This group is shaped by the experts (you!) and provides Young Onset Dementia specific information, advice, training, activities and groups.

Contact 0114 250 2850 or

Dementia Day Activities for under 65s in Sheffield

Dementia Day Activities provide a dementia-friendly place to spend the whole day on a regular basis.  They have a range of engaging activities tailored to suit the individual preferences of people under 65 with dementia.  They also provide a break for those who care for them at home.

Contact the Young Onset Dementia Services

People Keeping Well Community Dementia Support

If you are under 65 with dementia you are also very welcome to join any of the local People Keeping Well community dementia support groups and memory cafés.  Use the map and the table above to search for those local to you.

Young Dementia UK

Join the Young Dementia Network if you are under 65 and living with dementia.

Support for family carers of people with Dementia

A carer is someone who provides unpaid practical and/or emotional support to an adult or child with an illness, disability, frailty, mental health problems or addiction.

Sheffield Carers Centre

Advice, information and support for unpaid carers.  This includes an advice line, carer activities and workshops, carers café and support groups, carer e-newsletter, carer discount card, help to plan for an emergency, ‘time for a break’ fund and much more.

Watch the ‘Caring for someone with dementia in Sheffield’ video and hear Sheffield carers share their experiences and explain what helped them.

Carer Advice line: 0114 272 8362

Information for carers about coronavirus, including vaccines and how to plan if they become unwell

People Keeping Well community dementia carer support

Many of the local People Keeping Well organisations run information and support groups for dementia carers.

Many carers also benefit from attending memory cafés and dementia groups and sharing with others in a similar position.

Contact Dementia Advice Sheffield to find your nearest dementia carer group, or use the map and table above.

Dementia Carers Count

Dementia Carers Count is a national charity, offering a range of free services that give family carers the opportunity to learn and understand more about dementia and to connect with others in a similar situation. They offer practical advice on the reality and challenges of being a carer, as well as a Virtual Carers Centre.

TIDE Dementia Carer support

Together in Dementia Everyday (TIDE) is the voice, friend and future of all carers of people with dementia. It helps to connect dementia carers, grow their confidence through an online carer development programme and influence real change.

Resource pack for carers

Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust produced a resource pack for carers ‘Caring for someone with dementia at home’.  It includes tips for managing, activity ideas, self-care tips for carers, managing stress, muscle relaxation exercises, meeting needs, online resource links, TV and radio resources. 19/Dementia Carer Pack A4 Flyers 230420 (4).pdf

Avoiding caregiver stress and burnout

The demands of caregiving can be exhausting and overwhelming, but this article gives steps you can take to rein in stress and regain a sense of balance, joy, and hope in your life.

Dementia UK: coronavirus information for families looking after someone with dementia

Support through any anxieties you may have as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted throughout the UK.

Other Dementia support organisations

Age UK Sheffield

Dementia support services available from Age UK Sheffield including Dementia Advice Sheffield.

Alzheimer’s Society

Telephone and online advice from Dementia Connect: 0333 150 3456

Dementia Talking Point is the Alzheimer’s Society’s online community where people affected by dementia can receive valuable support from people in similar situations:

Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline

A free phoneline for anyone with a question or concern about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Dementia Adventure

Helping people with dementia to retain a sense of adventure by getting outdoors and connecting with nature.

BAME Dementia Support in different languages

People Keeping Well BAME community dementia support

The local People Keeping Well dementia support organisations run dementia groups tailored to the needs of people in their areas, including for people with dementia from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds. They also have a number of staff and volunteers who speak a variety of languages. Some areas offer culturally appropriate groups for men or for women only.

Contact Dementia Advice Sheffield to find your nearest dementia group, or use the map and table above.

Sheffield Dementia videos in Urdu and Arabic

If you speak Urdu or Arabic you may find it helpful to watch these short videos, which were filmed in Sheffield. They answer questions such as ‘What are the signs of dementia?’, ‘Why should I get diagnosed with dementia?’, ‘How can I help someone in my family with dementia?’ and ‘Am I a dementia carer?’.

Urdu Sheffield Dementia videos

Arabic Sheffield Dementia videos

Dementia videos in different languages

The Dementia Wellbeing Service in Bristol has produced a series of useful films explaining what dementia is in a variety of different languages, dispelling misconceptions and providing accurate facts about dementia for different cultures and backgrounds. 

You can access similar dementia support, groups and Dementia Link Workers in Sheffield via Dementia Advice Sheffield or by contacting the People Keeping Well dementia organisations in the map and table above.

Your questions answered – a film about dementia in Cantonese

Your questions answered - a film about dementia in Somali

Your questions answered - a film about dementia in Urdu

Your questions answered - a film about dementia in Punjabi

Your questions answered - a film about dementia in Polish

Meri Yaadain - BAME Dementia

Supporting people from Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities who face barriers in accessing dementia information, services and advocacy.

Dementia information and resources

Alzheimer’s Society

Find the information about dementia you need to know, including symptoms, types, treatments and risk factors.

Age UK

Information about understanding dementia, living well with dementia, creating a dementia-friendly home, planning for the future and more.


The NHS Dementia Guide explains about dementia, symptoms and diagnosis, living well with dementia, and care and support.

Dementia and Me: BBC dementia podcast

Hosted by BBC Radio Sheffield and Enrichment for the Elderly, this podcast gives an excellent insight into living with and caring for someone living with dementia, along with hints and tips on how to live well with dementia. 

Rare Dementias

FTD Carers Group

Heeley City Farm in Sheffield runs a group for those caring for people with Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD).

Rare Dementia Support

Information, tailored support, and contact with others affected by rare forms of dementia.

Practical support

Sheffield City Council Adult Social Care

If you require formal care and support please contact Adult Social Care First Contact.  There’s always someone there to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call (0114) 273 4908

Sunflower Lanyard – hidden disabilities scheme

If you have dementia you may wish to wear a Sunflower Lanyard when out and about.  Wearing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower discreetly indicates to people around you that you have a hidden disability and you may need additional support, help or more time.  The lanyards are available free of charge from organisations such as supermarkets, or you can buy one yourself.

Journey Assistance Cards 

If you’re using public transport in South Yorkshire you can print out a Journey Assistance card.  These have been produced to help passengers with hidden disabilities or older passengers to discreetly get help from the driver or conductor so you can travel on public transport with confidence. 

Social contact

SCCCC Telephone Support Service

If you are over 65, feeling lonely or isolated, living in Sheffield and would like to talk to someone on the telephone on a regular basis, SCCCC can match you up with a friendly volunteer who will ring you regularly to chat with you about whatever you wish to talk about.


The main aim of Sheffield charity SCCCC is to prevent loneliness and isolation amongst older people.

Silver Line

The Silver Line is a national free confidential helpline providing information, friendship and advice to older people, open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Alzheimer’s Society: Companion Calls

The Alzheimer’s Society has introduced a new temporary volunteer service for informal chats. Companion Calls can help people with dementia and their carers feel more connected and less lonely during the coronavirus crisis. 

Re-Engage Call Companions

Re-Engage Call Companions is a free service for older people who live alone and feel they would enjoy a friendly phone call every week or two. 

Re-Engage Rainbow Call Companions

Re-Engage Rainbow Call Companions is a free telephone befriending service for LGBT+ people who live alone and feel they would benefit from a friendly phone call every week or two. This is a service specifically for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender plus (LGBT+) people aged over 75 who would like to speak to someone who’s also LGBT+.

Keeping safe

Avoiding scams: tips to protect yourself from coronavirus scammers

Age UK Sheffield has produced a helpful guide on how to easily identify a potential scam and protect yourselves.

Avoiding Covid19 scams

The 3 Nations Dementia Working Group has put together some useful tips on avoiding scams related to Covid19.

Sheffield Domestic Abuse Helpline

Sheffield’s Domestic Abuse Helpline is provided by IDAS and is free to call from mobiles and landlines: 0808 808 2241.  In an emergency call 999 (with the Silent Solution 55 if needed) 

Mental health support

Sheffield Health and Social Care

24/7 helpline for urgent mental health support (no referral required).

Rethink Mental Illness

Sheffield 24/7 helpline (no referral required).

IAPT: working together to improve your wellbeing

Self-help, 1-to-1 or group treatments delivered over the phone or online based on what is right for you following an assessment with a clinician in the IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) team.

Sheffield Mental Health Guide

Mental health support in Sheffield.

Mental Health Foundation

Tips for looking after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak.


Information and ideas to try that could help your wellbeing if you're feeling stressed or anxious about coronavirus and staying at home.

NHS: Every Mind Matters

How to look after your mental wellbeing while staying at home.

Sleep tips

Trouble sleeping?  Try these tips from the NHS’s Every Mind Matters.

Other mental health helplines

Bereavement support

Cruse Bereavement Support

Understanding more about grief and how to get support.

Activity ideas at home for people living with Dementia

Dementia Together online

Ideas of ways to live well with dementia. Topics include routine, music, memory book, photos, sleep, weaving, relaxation, art, physical activity and poetry (new resources are added every week).

Distancing with Dementia: practical resources

Practical ideas for living with dementia (and caring for someone living with dementia) during social distancing.  Topics and ideas include staying connected, what matters to you, history, art and music, crafts and hobbies, health and wellbeing, and a blog of new information.

Manchester Museum at home: cultural and creative resources for carers

Creative and fun activities and workshop ideas for carers to download and use at home.  The ideas cover music, storytelling, craft, mindfulness colouring and exercise, and have been tested out in real settings.

BBC Reminiscence Archive

A selection of content from the BBC Archives, designed to support reminiscence therapy. Choose from photos, videos or sound clips and select by theme or decade to prompt conversations.

Museum of Brands

Download activity sheets from the Museum of Brands to inspire reminiscence.

Alzheimer’s Society: activity ideas at home

Ideas, links and tips for keeping purposeful when staying at home, to help fight off boredom and frustration. 

Wellbeing pack in isolation

A ready-made pack for those in isolation, created by Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust.  Contains tips, ideas, exercise diagrams, day planners, sleep planners, relaxation ideas, wordsearches, colouring pages and sudoko puzzles.

Dementia Meeting Centres

Resources and ideas for activities at home including activity kits, puzzles, quizzes, practical ‘making’ activities and nature-based activities. 

Create it, Share it

The University of Hertfordshire has started 'Create it, Share it', an initiative to support creativity at home by teaming up with artists to give you some fun activities to enjoy.  Visit their website for inspiration and share your creations.

Arts4Dementia: Inspiration during Covid19

Arts4Dementia has brought together interactive arts opportunities to empower people affected by dementia in the community.  These include ‘Chatty Wednesdays’ zoom gatherings, online music, theatre, visual arts, museums and heritage. 

Darnall Well Being: Activity Packs

During lockdowns the dementia team at Darnall Well Being posted out activity packs to those who would usually attend memory cafés. Their activity sheets and other resources can be downloaded for anyone to use.

Staying well at home: easy read version

An easy read guide to staying well at home, complete with illustrations.

Keeping active at home

NHS Sitting Exercises

These gentle, easy-to-follow sitting exercises will help improve mobility and prevent falls, and can even be done at home with just a chair.  The instructions (including photos) can be downloaded as a PDF.

More More Sheffield: stay in work out

A downloadable and printable booklet about staying active at home, especially for older people.

NHS Home Workouts

10 minute videos to help you keep fit at home. 

Joe Wicks for Seniors

Breathing Exercises

Suggestions of daily breathing exercises from a Peak District physiotherapist.  A helpful preventative measure for anyone with respiratory problems or who is prone to getting chest infections.

Love to Move: seated exercise videos

The British Gymnastics Foundation’s Love to Move programme is an age-friendly and dementia-friendly seated gymnastics programme.  You can now try the programme in the comfort of your own home using their online videos.

Chair-based ballet exercise

A dancer from the English National Ballet has produced some videos of chair-based exercises for ballet lovers with restricted mobility or limited space.

BBC Sounds: 10 Today – Physical Activity for older people

10 Today is an exercise audio programme from Sport England and Demos designed for older people to protect against poor health and improve mental health and maintain independence.

Sport England: Stay In, Work Out

How to stay active at home includes a section focused on ‘older adults’, as well as plenty of varied ideas for all ages and abilities.


Music and Dementia

Playlist for Life

Create a unique, personalised playlist which will help to improve the wellbeing of a person with dementia.  You can also get support so that everyone who loves or cares for them knows how to use their playlist.

BBC Music Memories

Use music and create a personal playlist to help people reconnect with their most powerful memories.

M4d Radio: Music for dementia radio

‘m4d Radio’ is a new free internet radio station for people living with dementia and their carers.  It's available 24/7 with no adverts.  The music is designed to provide an instant source of meaningful and appropriate music schedules designed to follow the rhythm of the day from waking to bedtime and right through the night.  This includes soothing tracks for sundowning and night-time, music to move to and music from the musicals.  Listeners can tune into the mix station or 1 of 4 further stations playing music by decade from the 1930s to the 1970s.

Deepness Dementia Radio

Radio shows and online education courses to encourage living well with dementia, to help those going through dementia maintain their freedom and get the most out of life.  

Music for dementia: Musical Guide

Music for Dementia produced a Musical Guide for people living with dementia and their carers during Covid19, but the information remains relevant. The guide includes creative tips and musical activities to use the power of music to reduce agitation, depression and anxiety for people with dementia.

Music for dementia: Musical Guide

Music for Dementia has produced a Musical Guide for people living with dementia and their carers during Covid19.  The guide includes creative tips and activities for everyone in isolation.

Online culture

National History Museum online

Take a tour of the National History Museum without having to travel to London.

Museums Sheffield from home

Highlights of exhibitions from Sheffield Museums’ collections which were brought into people’s homes virtually while museums were closed during lockdowns. Includes a closer look at some of your favourite artworks, amazing stories of extraordinary lives, fascinating science and nature, creative ideas for families, and lots of celebrations of Sheffield and its people.

Online Sheffield Theatres backstage tours

Sheffield Theatres have lots of backstage films including Kiss Me Kate and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

National Gallery virtual tour

Three virtual tours allow you to step inside the National Gallery and explore one of the greatest collections of paintings, from the comfort of your home.

The Louvre art gallery

Go on a virtual tour of the Louvre in France. 

Sport and Dementia

Sporting Memories

A fully-searchable unique collection of over 2,000 sporting memories, organised by sports and events – a collection simply to enjoy or use as a valuable resource to spark conversations. It contains written memories, radio recordings, videos and photographs from sports fans, family members, players and writers.

Sports quizzes and puzzles 

Test your sporting knowledge with quizzes, puzzles and wordsearches from The Sporting Memories Foundation.


Virtual nature

If you’re finding it hard to get out and about you can use these resources to explore the natural world from your own home.

Heeley City Farm

Watch videos and see photos of the animals at Sheffield’s Heeley City Farm, including lambs, piglets, goats, chinchillas, bees, cows, horses, guinea pigs and more. 

Graves Park Animal Farm

Meet shire horses, Shetland ponies, hens, goats, donkeys, sheep and more in video updates from Sheffield’s Graves Park Animal Farm.

Online tour: Kew Gardens

Roam the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew and Wakehurst from the comfort of your home.  Travel to the tropics, the desert and the mountains with their seasonal footage and take a sneak peek at their glasshouses.

Online gardens: National Garden Scheme

The National Garden Scheme’s website features virtual garden visits.

Lake District webcams

Visit the Lake District without leaving Sheffield by touring these 50 webcams.

Online zoo

Watch some of the animals at Edinburgh Zoo on live webcams 24/7.  Featuring panda cam, penguin cam, tiger cam and koala cam.  

Online aquarium

View the inhabitants of the Monterey Bay aquarium on their relaxing live and pre-recorded webcams.  Featuring fish, otters, penguins, jelly fish and more.

Digital support

Heeley Trust online support

Heeley Trust can support people to get online and learn to use computers and other devices, from the very basics, to get you up to speed in the digital age. Don’t worry if you have never used a computer before, their tutors are here to guide you through every step.

Organising an online group: Zoom

The Dementia Voices group have created a helpful guide to using Zoom for online gatherings. 

Dementia-friendly Sheffield

We’d love for Sheffield to be a dementia-friendly city.  It’s the big aim of Sheffield’s Dementia Strategy

Dementia information and resources

Reading Well Books on Prescription: Dementia

Reading Well Books on Prescription for Dementia recommends books you might find helpful if you have dementia, are caring for someone with dementia or want to find out more. The scheme is endorsed by health professionals and supported by public libraries. If you're not already a member of Sheffield Libraries you can join for free to borrow physical books and e-books from the Dementia reading list.

Last Updated: 13/06/2022
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