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Falls and the risk of falling

If you find you’re often feeling dizzy or losing your balance it’s better to do something about it now, rather than risk losing your independence through a fall or trip. NHS Choices has really good advice, including a video to work out if you’re at risk, and easy exercises to help improve your fitness.

Some of the things NHS Choices suggest you think about include:

  • regular eye tests
  • keeping your feet healthy
  • having your medicines reviewed by your GP
  • thinking about how much alcohol you drink
  • doing regular exercise
  • checking for tripping hazards in your home

You could also visit your local pharmacy and get them to check your blood pressure.

If you think you need more help talk to your GP about the Falls Prevention Service.

City Wide Care Alarms service can provide fall sensors and care alarms that can really help. You can visit their website for more information or call (0114) 242 0351.

We host a range of informative falls information and advice pages from the NHS Choices website:


Last Updated: 21/11/2017
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