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Special Needs Inclusion Playcare Service (SNIPS)

At SNIPS we work to support children with disabilities to access clubs and activities of their choice.  We work with a variety of different clubs in Sheffield – From football clubs and rock climbing clubs to Drama, Art and multi- activity clubs and help to break down barriers to inclusion by offering mentoring support.

At SNIPS we recognise that family life can be demanding and SNIPS aim to provide families with a short break with the knowledge that their child or young person is in a club that they enjoy.

The SNIPS team is currently made up of 5 Playcare Mentors (Full time and Part time) and work with over 600 children and young people!!

 The SNIPS process

  1. A SNIPS application is completed and sent to us. You may have heard about SNIPS from other professionals, clubs, Ryegate or school.
  2. All mentors get together monthly for an allocation meeting. At this meeting we prioritise applications on a needs basis.  (At certain times of the year, especially before school holidays we are very busy and at these times we may have to have a waiting list.
  3. Once the application has been allocated to a mentor they will then contact you to arrange a home visit. During this Home Visit they will discuss the child’s or young person’s likes and dislikes as well as support needs. With this information they will then complete the SNIPS working with me information which will be passed to the identified club.
  4. Your Mentor will then look into any suitable clubs in your area. (Please note it is parent/carer’s responsibility to provide transport to and from clubs.) They will contact you with their findings and the pass on the contact details for the club.
  5. Once you receive the contact details then you should book a “come and try” session for your child. This is a chance to have a look around the club and see if you feel it is an appropriate setting.
  6. If you feel the club is appropriate and your child enjoyed their time there you can then book in directly with the club. A mentor will have discussed your allocation with you.

Important to...

This section is all about things that are important to the SNIPS team.

  • Supporting children to access short breaks in the form of clubs and activities that they enjoy doing.
  • It is important to us to match children up with a club which they look forward to going to.
  • For children to be able to access the correct support in a club environment.
  • To be able to sustain families by providing a short break with the knowledge that their child is safe and enjoying themselves.
  • To deliver a quick and targeted service which is centred around the child.

Important for...

This section is about the best ways to support the SNIPS team to be able to find the right clubs for child.

  • To be provided with as much information as possible about the child/young person, their support needs and what is important to them.
  • To get a good profile of the child or young person, them sharing with us the things they want us to know.
  • To get a good understanding on what a family requires from the service.
  • For families to help us to find clubs in their local area which they might already know about.
  • Families should contact the club directly to arrange any come and try sessions or to book their child/young person into a club.
  • To provide up to date contact details so we can make sure you receive all the information.

What else can SNIPS help my family with?

Other Short Breaks Services
Each member of the SNIPS team has extensive knowledge of the short break services that are available for children and young people with disabilities in Sheffield and how to apply for them. We often attend home visits and meetings with social workers, MAST workers and other professionals to explain to families exactly what is available to them. Please note: A short break is 5 hours a week or under.

One Page Profiles
We can help your child to create a One Page Profile and a set of getting to know me pages which can be used to help them receive the support that they like. These are especially helpful when employing new personal assistants, going to new schools or joining a new club.

Support Planning
The SNIPS team are all very passionate about planning with the family, child or young person at the centre. They can help you and the professionals working with you to put together a support plan to help work out the best way of supporting your family.

Sleep Guidance
We have our very own Sleep Fairy here at SNIPS who can help provide your family with support and guidance around any difficulties your child is experiencing with sleep. We recognise the difficulties families can face when there are sleep problems and will help your family to find a routine which will suit you. Our sleep fairy will help you to complete a sleep diary and look into any positive changes that can be made to make night time better for the whole family.

Mentoring and Advice
We provide clubs and other professionals working with children with disabilities with hands on mentoring support and guidance. We regularly visit clubs to share our knowledge and experiences of working with children with disabilities. We can also share our knowledge with MAST workers, personal assistants and other professionals.

We are now running various workshops based of working with children with disabilities. We are currently running workshops on person centred planning and communicating with children with disabilities and are planning a lot more for 2015!

EHC Plans
We are undertaking some work as part of the SEN Education Health and Care Plans and are attending young people’s school reviews in order to support the transfer to the EHC plan!

Contacts us:
Special Needs Inclusion Playcare Service
Level 6, North Wing, Moorfoot Building, Sheffield, S1 4PL
Tel (0114) 273 5368

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Last Updated: 13/11/2020
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