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Family Centres

Sheffield has 7 Family centres (formerly known as Children’s Centres) and together with their outreach sites they cover all areas of the city and provide advice, support activities and services for families with children under-5 as well as maternity care and support for expectant parents.

Come along to your local Family Centre to meet other families, get support and join in with free activities. What’s on in each Family Centre varies according to the needs of the local community but typically you can come to:

  • Preparation for parenthood groups
  • Health support and clinics run by Midwives and Health Visitors
  • Toddler groups
  • Fun learning activities with your family

And get help and support with:

  • Getting into training and work
  • Information and advice about feeding your baby, healthy eating for your family, active lifestyles, 2 year old dental care, home safety etc.
  • Free and low cost healthy start vitamins
  • Registering your child’s birth (by appointment at selected centres only)

Why have Children’s centres become Family centres and will this affect the services I receive there?

Following consultation, we are developing a new model for providing services to families, transforming areas into Family Centre areas which are for pre-birth – 25 year olds if the young person has special educational needs or disabilities (otherwise to 19 year old).

If you are pregnant or have a child under 5 you will notice very little difference You will still be able to access all the usual services as we expand to provide services for the ‘whole family’

Each Family centre has a stakeholder group and parents are especially welcome. If you wish to be involved in the stakeholder group for your area, please contact:

Join us on facebook.

We now have active facebook groups for each centre. Why not join us and be right up to date with what’s happening in your area? 

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