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Transitions Guide - Preparing for Transition in Year 10 (age 14 to 15)

Being supported towards greater independence and employability can be life-transforming for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). This preparation for adulthood should happen from their earliest years and no later than by Year 9 (age 13 or 14).

This article covers the preparation for transition in the following areas:

  • Education, including preparing for exams
  • Transport, including travel training

Last reviewed: 18/11/2019


If you think that your child will need extra help to enable them to successfully take GCSE exams at the end of Y11 such as extra time, a computer or a smaller/individual room, you should talk to the SENCO and/or Examinations Officer at school as soon as possible about Access Arrangements.

Access Arrangements allow students with special educational needs, disabilities or temporary injuries to access exams without changing the demands of the assessment. They are based on evidence of need, the normal way of working in the classroom and must be appropriate to the student and the exam. For example:

  • If your child does not have someone to read or scribe for them in class (normal way of working), they would not be eligible for this in exams.
  • A student with dyslexia may require extra time for a written exam but not for a practical one.

At the annual review of the EHC plan, continue with planning for preparation for adulthood.

Transport and Travel

As your child gets older you may want to look at developing their independence skills.  Teaching young people with a learning difficulty and/or disability to use public transport has a positive impact on more than just travel. At Sheffield City Council we are using Independent Travel Training as a springboard for better life chances, as our disabled young people progress into adulthood.

Travel Training develops a young person’s skills in order to travel safely, correctly and with confidence from home to their place of education. Every young person is different which is why we offer bespoke training to meet an individual’s needs. Training is personalised to each young person’s ability and at a pace suitable to them. Independent Travel Training provides the opportunity to learn these important life skills in a supervised and established way. If you think that this is something that your child would benefit from and is ready for, talk to the SENCO or contact the Travel Training Team at Sheffield City Council (email or call 0114 2053542), for further information.

Last reviewed: 17/02/2021

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Last Updated: 04/03/2021
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