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Health and Wellbeing for Families

There are a wide range of health and wellbeing services and activities in Sheffield, including:

0-19 Health Services which can be accessed through your local Family centre

These include

  • Midwifery,
  • Health Visiting
  • Infant feeding and breastfeeding support
  • Groups and activities that promote Healthy, Eating and Lifesyles including Startwell Sheffield 

Find out more about Childhood Vaccinations and when your child should have them

Health conditions

Groups and organisations providing information and support for people with health conditions, including cancer, stroke, heart conditions, dementia and diabetes.

You can also do a search on the Directory on a variety of illnesses and health conditions for up to date NHS advise and information.

We have an excellent cancer advice page produced by the Cancer Support Centre to help you find all the information, advice and support you need if you or someone you care for has cancer.

Disability support

Support groups and services for:


Keeping well activities including health walks, chairobics, weight management, courses to build self-esteem, community growing and cooking.


Get fit and active with Health Trainers and Health Champions.

Sport and leisure activities to keep you healthy and well and other things to do.

Health services and health advice about healthy eating, keeping fit and active, stopping smoking.

Other services and resources

The “Involve me”, Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group has been set up as a way of involving people who care about their local NHS and who would like to be kept updated, or get involved and have their say, on commissioning decisions for the benefit of Sheffield people.

“We want to create a relationship with as many people as possible to give people the opportunity to hear what’s really going on in the local NHS ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ and to gather views on health and social care to inform the key decisions that we make.”

Visit Sheffield City Council’s Public Health webpage 


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