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Sensory rooms in Sheffield

A sensory room is a therapeutic space that is designed to stimulate the senses through a variety of sensory equipment. This can include coloured lights, lava lamps, sounds, or equipment like swings, squeeze toys or exercise balls. Sensory rooms can have a calming effect on…

Taking part in your community

Taking part in your community includes being involved in local activities which you are interested in or want to make a difference to.  This can help you: Make friends Influence local decisions Learn new skills Opportunities to influence local decisions Sheffield Young Cabinet and UK…

Things to do (Local Offer)

Leisure activities, events, days out and clubs and groups in Sheffield. Narrow your search for things to do by using the search options above or the filters on the right.Where an activity provider offers support to families of children and young people with Special Educational Needs and/or a…
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