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Oughtibridge Primary School

Oughtibridge Primary School is a mainstream school for children aged 4-11. We have two classes in each year from Foundation Stage 2 to year 6.


Our indicated admission number is 60. Our current number on roll is 424. Class size varies but is on average 30 pupils per class. We have 14 classes within school.  The school offers a broad balanced curriculum.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Mr Jim Dugmore
Contact Position
0114 286 3167
Schools Website

Where to go

Oughtibridge Primary School
Oughtbridge Primary School
Naylor Road
S35 0HG

When is it on?

Time / Date Details
Open Monday to Friday 7.30am to 6.00pm
Time of day
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Inclusion Information

Wheelchair Access
Cater for special dietary requirements
Dietary needs catered for
Nut allergy
Gluten free
Supports special needs and disabilities
Special needs and disabilities experience
Social, emotional and mental health needs
Medical Needs or long term illness
Speech, Language & Communication needs
Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Moderate Learning Difficulty
Able to accommodate other cultures/ethnicities
Culture/ethnicities accommodated

Other Details

Age Range
4 years to 11 years
  • Extended Services school
Providers who offer pickups from this setting
Sylvia McKay, Childminder  Coumes Spring Children's Centre Holiday Scheme - Kingfisher Club  Coumes Spring Children's Centre Day Nursery  Coumes Spring Children's Centre - Kingfisher Out of School Club 

DISCLAIMER: Oughtibridge Primary School is not responsible for other childcare providers who are available to pick up from the setting and their inclusion on this list should not be understood to represent a partnership or endorsement. It is the parent or carer's responsibility to check that they are satisfied with the quality of additional providers.

Local Offer


SEN Governor  -  Mr Aaron King, 0114 286 3167

SENCO - Miss Tania Bryan, 0114 286 3167 full time

Contact Name
Miss Tania Bryan
Contact Telephone
0114 2863167
Contact Email
Ofsted Inspection Report
Schools Prospectus
Schools Website
SEND Information Report 2018
Local Offer Age Bands
Primary (4-10 years)
SEN Provision Type

Schools Extended Local Offer Response

If you are a specialist setting what other admissions criteria do you use? 

Not applicable

Please state the number of pupils on your roll and your average class size 

424  Class size 30

How does the setting identify learners with SEN? 

No member of staff is qualified in this area 

The school uses the LA Learning Support Services as well as the Educational Psychology Services to identify children’s specific needs

Is your setting physically accessible to all learners? 
  • Oughtibridge Primary School is a mainstream school built over 40 years ago into a hillside
  • The junior department is not accessible for wheelchairs; there are no disabled toilets in the junior building, no disabled changing facilities anywhere in the school
  • There are no alternative dining areas available, in fact because the school is so oversubscribed due to many children being admitted on appeal over and significantly above IAN
  • That and similar situations have deteriorated in recent years
  • Visual timetables are used in classrooms where there is a need
  • The school has a perimeter fence with vehicle access and pedestrian gates
  • The school is split over three buildings
How does your setting adapt the curriculum for learners with SEND? 
  • The education of all learners is decided and overseen by the class teacher; in exceptional circumstances the learning support teacher bought in from the LA will offer advice
  • All teaching is differentiated according to the needs of the pupils
  • The school’s budget will not meet the costs of sufficient Teaching Assistant support
  • There is no available space to run some groups due to the exceptionally high number of children admitted on appeal to this significantly oversubscribed school
  • The children in the junior department are taught in ability sets for English and Maths
  • The children in Y2 are set for Maths
  • The school provides a number of itervention strategies for groups or individual children
What training have your staff received to support learners with SEND? 
  • Foundation Stage staff have had training in Makaton
  • No other staff  have specific training, we rely on the LA learning support


How do you communicate with and involve families? 
  • Communication with families is oral, letters, newsletters, telephone, email, text and relevant meetings or via the website
  • There have been parent workshops, parents were invited into school for activities 
  • There are meetings for parents of children going on residential visits
  • Transition meetings for parents
  • Regular reviews of children at SA+ with parents and relevant members of staff
How does the setting evaluate the effectiveness of its provision for learners with SEN and how often does it do this? 
  • Informally teachers are responsible for routinely monitoring pupils 
  • Formal pupil progress reviews occur at least termly
  • SEN co-ordinator monitors and tracks identified children and evidences the impact of any interventions
  • All teachers have access to the data tracking system (Tracker+) and are able to analyse their data
  • The SENCo meets regularly with the SEN Governor, the Headteacher reports on effectiveness of SEN through Headteacher reports to Governors
What support do you provide for the learners' overall wellbeing? 
  • As a mainstream primary school we make provision for all areas of needs and for all learners
  • Disability Awareness Day for whole school 
  • Midday supervisors have had training in emotional well-being 
  • Playground friends system at lunchtimes as well as Listening Buddies
  • There is a ‘Friendship stop’ on the playground 
  • Jenny Mosely training for teachers, TAs and Governors 
  • Social and Emotional Aspects of  Learning (SEAL) is taught throughout the school 
  • P4C is taught throughout the school.  
  • Paired reading with different phases
  • A ‘buddy’ system at times of transition
What kind of behavioural interventions do you use? 
  • Behaviour at the school has been recorded by Ofsted as outstanding
  • Relevant staff are trained in restraint should it ever be needed
  • Attendance is monitored and analysed.  Levels of attendance are reported to parents
How do you ensure learners with SEND are included in non-classroom based activities? 
  • Reasonable adjustments are made to ensure that all children regardless of needs can play an appropriate part in the non-classroom based activities 
  • Communication with parents is through meetings and on a 1:1 basis


Do you offer Breakfast Clubs, After School Clubs or Holiday Clubs? Please specify. 

Both Breakfast Club and After School Club run by the school (Larks and Foxes - 7.30-8.15am 3.20-6.00pm) are offered along with external after school clubs until 4.30pm

How do you consult with and involve learners in their education? 
  • Involvement and contribution of learners is related to their level of need and their ability to communicate effectively
  • Where relevant every opportunity is provided
  • The school council promotes the pupils’ views
  • Subject/aspect leaders conduct Pupil Forum interviews in order to gain the pupil perspective and listen to suggestions for improvement
Do you have an online prospectus? Are there open days for families and learners? 
  • There is an online prospectus
  • There are a number of opportunities for parents and children to visit the school

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