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YWHP (Young Women's Housing Project - supporting young women & children who are vulnerable to abuse)

YWHP is a specialist support project that provides therapeutic support and safe, supported accommodation for young women (aged between 16 and 25 years) and their children who have been affected by/or who are vulnerable to abuse, incl. sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and domestic violence.


We provide:

  • A Safe Place to Live; Housing Support, managing your home, benefits help & advice, money/debt management, securing housing priority, support with obtaining settled accommodation
  • Therapeutic Support & Practical Help; One to One Support, emotional & mental well being, personal safety, sexual health, stress reduction, independent living skills, education & training/employment skills
  • Escape the Trap & Protect Yourself Therapeutic Groups; Safe Relationships, Protective Behaviours incl. sexual health workshops, confidence building, increasing self-esteem
  • Parent As First Teachers Parenting Support; Pregnancy support, Parent As First teacher (PAFT) sessions, parent & child groups, advice & information
  • Who's in Charge; Child to parent violence & abuse support programme for parents whose children are being abusive or violent towards them or who appear out of parental control
  • Creative Movement Therapy;CMT is a movement-based approach to working with issues of trauma, abuse and mental health.  Group, individual or mother & child play sessions focus on improving young people’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being along with their resiliency and ability to act independently and to make their own free choices
  • Person Centred Counselling; YWHP’s counsellor will listen without judging you or expecting anything from you.; taking a person acntred approach to help you to explore issues of trauma, abuse and mental health

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Who to contact

Contact Name
Denise, Whitehouse
Contact Position
Senior Service Delivery Officer
0114 268 0580

Where to go

PO Box 303
South Yorkshire
S1 1YD

When is it on?

Time / Date Details
Phone lines open Monday-Friday 9am-4pm

Inclusion Information

Wheelchair Access
Wheelchair access details
We have one flat with wheelchair access and will make reasonable adjustments to provide for the individual needs of each young woman.
Supports special needs and disabilities
Special needs and disabilities experience
Social, emotional and mental health needs
Able to accommodate other cultures/ethnicities
Additional culture/ethnicity information
We will, where practically possible, tailor our support to the individual cultural needs of each young woman. We provide access to interpreters as required.

Other Details

Referral required
Referral Details

Please phone for advice and assistance from a specialist assessor on how to make a referral.

We cannot provide direct access.

  • Secure setting

A Safe Place to Live

YWHP provides accommodation and housing support to establish a safe and secure home, providing the crucial foundation for recovery. Several types of accommodation are available:

  • Shared safe house
  • Self-contained single flats and houses for young women with children
  • When clients are ready to move on, we help with resettlement and offer follow on support to ensure they are managing their new home successfully
  • YWHP also offers an outreach service; if a young woman already has somewhere safe to live, but would benefit from our specialist therapeutic support services

    Therapeutic support and practical help

    YWHP provides person centered, holistic support, based on individual needs. Together with specialist support workers, clients develop their support to enable them to achieve their personal goals, alongside therapeutic interventions and activities.

    Sessions focus on: Resilience, recovery and wellbeing, safe and healthy relationships, successful parenting, social and financial inclusion, effective future engagement with universal services and participation in the wider community.

    "Protect Yourself" - Groups and one to one sessions for girls and young women; including "Escape the Trap" Teenage Relationship Abuse Programme

    YWHP protect yourself programme is a person centered, holistic approach to personal safety and healthy relationships.

    Offering a flexible package of interventions, advice and guidance; Protect Yourself focusses on identifying and building personal strengths to develop and reinforce resilience. Enabling young women to get back on their feet despite adversity, so they can deal with and recover from challenges they face in their lives; being able to protect themselves, live independently and safely without fear.

    Escape the Trap programme is designed to support young people to learn about teenage relationship abuse and how it can effect you; it covers, expectations of relaitonships, relationhips that make you feel bad, things partners may say that make you feel bad, how peer behaviour might impact on how you feel about yourself, beliefs about those who behave badly in relationships, social media and how it can be used to abuse, how being treated with respect might be experienced, what a happy and equal relationship might be like.



    Who’s in Charge?

    YWHP's WIC practitioner delivers child to parent violence (CPV) programmes on a one to one or group basis; aimed at parents whose children are being abusive or violent towards them or who appear out of parental control. 

    Overall aims of Who’s in Charge?

    • Reduce feelings of isolation & reinforce belief in possibility of change
    • Challenge feelings of guilt
    • Raise awareness about causes
    • Clarify boundaries of what is acceptable & unacceptable behaviour
    • Examine strategies for creating meaningful & practical consequences for unacceptable behaviour
    • Explore anger, both children’s & parents’
    • Encourage assertiveness & self-care
    • Reinforce progress & provide emotional support
  • Parents As First Teachers” - Groups and one to one sessions for young women and their children

    YWHP PAFT is a successful research and evidence based parenting support programme for "at risk families".

    Flexible and personalised support helps each child to reach age-related expectations, potential and developmental milestones.

    Parents are enabled to protect their children and give them the best possible start in life. YWHP PAFT specialist workers are child-focussed to ensure effective engagement; whilst helping parents to feel supported, be less isolated, be better informed, experience a positive relationship with their child, and be more confident to engage with the universal social-welfare and health services.

       Creative Movement Therapy

Creative Movement Therapy (CMT) is open to all YWHP clients & uses movement as a way of expressing yourself and working out personal issues and difficulties.  It is confidential, safe & non-judgemental.  Creative Movement Therapy can be very effective in treating a range of mental health issues such as depression, eating disorders and self harming. 

       Person Centred Counselling

Person Centred Counselling (PCC) is available to all YWHP clients.  It is client-led, giving the client control over what is discussed in the therapy session ina safe & confidential environment. Key principles of PCC are that the therapist employs an empathetic and non-judgemental approach.  Person-centred therapy can be very effective in treating a range of mental health issues such as depression, eating disorders and self harming. 


Charity Number
charity no; 1143995 company no; 7698405

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