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Sheffield Climate Alliance Food Group

We raise public awareness of the contribution our food makes to climate change and offer talks to all kinds of community groups.


The Food Group, part of Sheffield Climate Alliance, aims to raise public awareness of the contribution our food makes to climate change. This is an area which is often overlooked, though the contribution individuals can make is enormous.

As well as trying to influence politicians and local leaders in the food industry, we offer talks to local organisations. Our talks are designed for each particular group, covering some or all of the issues relevant to food and farming: the heavy use of fossil fuels on modern farms and in food processing; cows and sheep as a source of methane (the most dangerous greenhouse gas); hidden use of water in food production; the use of antibiotics on farm animals; sea fishing and sea farming; and other topics such as the sustainability of the food supply, and the health effects of our food. Climate change is already seriously affecting food production globally, and in the UK we produce only 60% of our food. We also throw away 30% of what we buy!

Our talks also discuss positive things that can be done by individuals, organisations and governments, to make our food supply more sustainable, more climate friendly, and healthier, all at the same time. And we point to positive initiatives that are already taking place.

Please also contact us if you would like to join our group!

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