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Online maths tutor

I love maths but I know that not everyone else does! However, I believe everyone can succeed at maths with a little help and the right tutor. I have just finished my maths degree at Leeds University and intend to spend at least the next academic year tutoring.


Tutoring Experience

Over the last few years I have successfully tutored several people through A levels and GCSEs.

Tutoring Approach

My aim is to develop confidence in learners by building a positive relationship, working within their particular learning style and exploring concepts at the right level and pace for the individual.

As an A level student you (or your child) are good at maths but maybe just need that extra bit of confidence to move from a B grade to an A or some help getting your head round tricky concepts such as integration and differentiation.

As a GCSE student you may need a little help to get an 8 or 9 or you might be struggling to get a pass. I have experience in tutoring to both of these needs and ensuring that each learner achieves the highest grade they can.

I can also teach younger children. It is very important in maths that children fully grasp essential number concepts. I will work with your child to see where there are gaps in their understanding so that they can move onto more complex concepts with confidence and understanding. I also share my enthusiasm for maths and aim to make it fun!


Who to contact

Contact Name
Ella Kirkpatrick
Contact Position
Ella - 0114 383 0337
Ella -
Maths with Ella

Where to go



How will we work together?

For now we’ll work over Zoom. This is free and easy for you to download if you don’t already have it.
If you would like to work with another learner located in their own home, we can join together in our Zoom call.
When lockdown eases we can carry on with zoom or meet in person.

When is it on?

Time of day

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
25 Per session
20 Per session
For exam preparations of any kind I charger £25 per hour but for students in between exams I charge £20. For example, a student in year 8 would be £20 per hour whereas a year 10 student preparing for mocks for their GCSEs would be £25 per hour.

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