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Smoking Cessation

At Last Freedom from Cigarettes using a unique form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) & Hypnotherapy


Actually this isn’t about you stopping smoking. This is about you becoming a non-smoker. Research shows that people who really take on the sense, the identity, of being a “non- smoker” have much lower relapse rates – i.e. are more successful, than those who merely say they have stopped smoking.

Because if you’ve just stopped you could start again. But if you are non-smoker then that smoking behaviour isn’t an option. It just isn’t what you do. That option isn’t there – because you are a non- smoker.

The irony here, of course, is that cigarettes cause the problem they promise to cure. Cigarettes cause anxiety, they are nervous stimulants like caffeine or cocaine. The smoker has a drag to calm his nerves and feels contented for ten minutes. Soon the nicotine withdrawal kicks in and he becomes more stressed and nervous than he was before. He is digging a deeper and deeper hole for himself in chemical addiction.

Most people start smoking in their early teens. 95% of those who are still smoking at age 20 will become regular smokers.

More than 80% of smokers report attempting to quit, but during the first attempt, less than 25% of those who do abstain remain successful for extended periods of time. (DSM, 2000: 268).

That means that of the 5% of people who manage to quit by willpower, three quarters will relapse. By comparison, relapse rates among people who quit by psychological treatment are usually much lower, showing they tend to be twice as likely to remain non-smokers long-term.

Don’t waste another day damaging your health and killing yourself by smoking. Book your appointment today and take the first step to stop smoking.

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