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Christine Hubbard, Childminder

Registered Childcare for 6month olds to 10+ years


I have been a Registered Childminder since 1988.  I hold NVQ2 & NVQ3 qualifications in childcare, learning & education.

It is an incredibly important job & children are precious. I take my job very seriously & strive to provide a home from home with learning & exploration always around caring, nurturing & of course safety at the heart of it.

Childminders work to the same EYFS as nurseries. I strive to give the same experiences provided by a nursery but on a much smaller scale of numbers to meet the growing needs of the early years of your child. I wish to work with you as parent/s carer/s to provide continuity of care & learning.

I believe outdoor play & experiences are very important in childhood.

I provide a wide range of activities/resources in line with what is required by Ofsted & following the EYFS for children as is expected of me.

Music, dancing, singing with ribbons, scarves or the parachute promote a fun way to move & socially interact & learn language.

Puzzles, story CDs & reading to the children regularly. Rhyming & playing with words is encouraged for a love of language & learning.

Our days are flexible , following the childrens interests where ever possible & adapting activities so everyone is included.

I do plan around each childs development by taking onboard their interests, things they ask about & use these to provide activities & resources that will stimulate them to play & join  in & enjoy & have fun. As they are interested in them they have led the learning & absorb more from such activities. I have been using in the moment planning as well as conventional planning to use every interest to the full. 

I encourage, looking at books , have books readily available at appropriate ages,  do reading regularly, promote a love & care of books. Books are always available to access on their own or for them to chose, for me to read to the children. I use books to enhance learning in the childrens interests & use the computer to further this.

All resources are developmentally appropriate for stage of each child with added challenge to extend their developement when ready to move to the next steps.

I welcome all & here we treat all with fairness & equality & care & I encourage the children to grow with this attitude, encouraging kindness and empathy whilst helping them manage their own feelings & understand others. Listening is as important as learning to talk so we do listening walks & a range of activities that promote this in fun ways.

I constantly look for new and varied ways to introduce differing play experiences using the childrens interests & lay out a range of resources daily so they can explore & choose their own play. I change around the resources so they get a mix of play ideas & if they particularly enjoy a resource it will stay for as long as they wish to explore it & be available when  wanted.

I always find time to do painting & crafts in many forms dependant on ages with me, we adapt to suit all who wish to join in. Playdough, threading, collage, clay,  weaving are some of the choices. The children are helping make a water wall on our mesh fence & contributing with plastic bottles at present. I believe in encouraging & teaching recycling from an early age. We have  guttering for water play & setting it out as children get older they are encouraged to help, suggest ways to do so.

Each child chooses what  they wish to take part in with activities , & as said before much is based around an interest of a child to fruther this. I do find most wish to join in when they see what is happening with the others. No one has to do so & the end products are their own creations using their choices, colours and ideas, whilst practicing skills to develop fine motor skills and using tools such as scissors, cutters when ready to do so. Doing is important, the processes to get to an end product, take part, socialise ,feel achieved something, rather than just looking at what has been made.







Drawing & mark making is available all the time. Etch a sketch type boards & chalk board makes for easy access for younger children at all times.

All activities are based around play & having fun, freedom to play on own or together, all within having a few neccessary boundaries for safety & social behaviour. They are learning & time is given to support this. As they reach certain points encouraging helpfulness, kindness & tidying up after play is encouraged as simple routines help them gauge time & what will happen.

 Interacting with the children is important through speech and supporting when appropriate or requested by the child or in organised activities. We talk lots here & everyone is included & gets listened too, it is too important not to make that effort with all,  as effects much if cannot listen be listened to. Fairness towards all, taking turns & handling own emotions, learning how to, the chance to have a say & their wishes are always respected. The same  applies for parents, a good working relationship is built.

Outdoor garden play is part of our setting, Play tents, pretend world activities , trikes, scooters, ride ons, slides , small climbing toys, water & sand play, basket ball swing tennis all based on each child's interests at any given time, encouraging learning and fun learning by what stimulates them, adapting play to fit round these interests. We play ball games & running, chasing bubbles , bug hunts, looking at the seasons, in the park or Millenium Garden close by. The Millenium Garden is wonderful for young children having a paved area & lots of grass & a snaking path to ride trikes scooters on & run all enclosed within a gates & a fence. It has trees & picnic benches & so we eat out up there in Spring to Autumn & play all year. Nature is close to hand for them & the experience is always enjoyed.

I also bring indoors some of the smaller out door equipment such as a slide, see saw, tunnel, pop up tent for when the weather closes down in winter so cn physically have  active play sessions daily. We do go out daily anyway what ever the weather but this expends more energy keeping fit & healthy. I encourage walking from an early age with buggy support for when had enough too tired, children gain stamina from gently practicing walking skills  daily, starting for short distances or as much as want to do & growing in skill & strengh.

Play is linked with learning about themselves,  learning how to be independant as they reach stages to learn how to, the weather, all aspects of our world around us & further  field , colours & mixing to make new ones, shapes, numbers/letters & anything they wish to find out about that crops up in conversation & play.

The resources  are planned for children to develop their play alongside learning at  the stage of development  they have reached with some challenges added to help them move on to the next stages.

This is their own personal levels of development as no child is the same, all individual or expected to be the same as anyone else ever. The activities will also have some challenge to them suitable for each individual child. Children are encouraged to use their imaginations in pretend play in various ways.

I believe in periods of free play where I interact if they ask me, supported by activities we do together in a more planned way, or by whilst they still a have choice in what they do . Praise & encouragement & age apropriate explanation is very much part of every day to promote well being & good behaviours as they grow old enough to understand.

Formal learning is at this time not part of EYFS, it is based on play and children’s interests, the main achievement is to have fun while learning manyu skills to talk, move safely and socially interact with others in the group ready to m ix in school & tsake care of selves when able as they learn & develop.  The children seek out the resources to further their knowledge from this. I provide what they like to play with & we interact to learn about everything we see, hear & do. Speaking,  communciation skills, listening, social skills and their physical play is concentrated on, whilst bringing in the other areas of EYFS in activities.

Some  activities I have done with groups of 3 children have been based on the interests, Space where we drew around circles, they cut out the shapes drew & we looked upo the colours on the internet of the planets & Sun & Moon & they made a group dispaly form the wall of their works. They mixed paint to get differing shades colours and we learned a song about the planets which they sung lots learning the names. This was really succesfull & they all loved doing it over several days, worked together & all were very proud of the display showeing their families what had been doing. At  times of celebration I ask them what might like to make, what they want to use if old enough, much younger ones I plan the activity to suit age development & they choose colours, colour of card , what how to put it together as in sticking, where to place. Very much their own activities.

Children learn when playing & interacting, talking, asking questions & being nurtured & their emotional well being is being looked after.

I like to work with a small group of children, as it gives me the time to work one to one or with the small group  as can still do group activities but taylor activities to really match what  each likes to participate in.

I get to know the children very well and we build very good relationships of trust & care & respect between myself & the children between each other. I also strive to build good relationships to support the parent/s, carer/s so consistent care is given both with me & at home.

We attend toddler groups so all can mix in wider circles & be around larger groups of people and children so this helps them be prepare & be ready for moving on towards school socially & emotionally.

Physical play indoors & outside and walking is a daily part of our day, healthy eating  is encouraged, with treats for special occasions depndant on parents wishes.

I love the outdoors & encourage the children to enjoy it as well. I have all in one rain suits here to protect & even spare wellies if you forget your childs, it happens, none of us are perfect. 

I have 3 grown up children and 5 rescue cats, safety with animals is paramount and has never been an issue, all the children over the years have gained from such interactions learning to take care of and be kind to them & respect them. The cats love the children once know will be  quite gentle when gained the skills to be so.

Working with you the parent/parents/carers is very important & flexibiltiy where possible to help you out , as juggling work load & family is often complex & can be stressful. If I can help I will,  I try to assist as best I can so your child & you have the easiest journey back into work & once back at work you feel secure in leaving your child.

I arrange a settling in period of at least 6/8 visits extending in time for your child to begin to settle know me & then the others will be with, before you start if you decide to come to me. This benefits us all, as we all build a relationship, getting to know one another, especially your child with me as it helps the first day if  he/she knows me a little & I them. From there on we build on this & it works well. I ask you for an all about your child information, from you so you can tell me as much as you know to give me a picture to work from as I get to know your little one.

To finish I would like to say that the welfare and safety of all in my care comes first at all times. I encourage taking care, being kind to each other & being resilient too. I do my best to make each day a settled happy interesting one, with lots of laughing & singing, music & talking be it babling baby or conversations with older ones. Working around the childs routines as they develop at home, meeting all needs both physical & emotionally as both as important as one another.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Christine Hubbard
Contact Position
01142338002 - 07543714254

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About 2-5 min walk from a 52/31/95 bus stop

When is it on?

Time / Date Details
Open Wednesday to Friday 7.30am until 5.30pm
Time of day
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Full days
will consider half days if I can accommodate this if have odd spaces. May not be possible when looking to fill whole days. Will consider one day again
if with other places if this is possible.

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Culture/ethnicities accommodated
Additional culture/ethnicity information
Knowledge of Indian, Asian & Chinese cultural needs, language & religions.

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Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£4.50 Per hour
- please contact for details. Toddler Group fees included. Employer Supported Childcare Vouchers accepted, HMRC registered costs help Meals/snacks are brought by yourselves as do not provide meals so do not charge for such. The cost is for care & activities I provide.
Age Range
1 years 0 months to 11 years 6 months
  • IndoorOutdoor Play
  • Garden
  • Secure setting
  • Days out/visits
  • Outdoor play/equipment
  • Pets
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12months - 5 Years: 1 places
Vacancy Wednesday to Friday from January 2022
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For 2 year olds (up to 15 hours a week)
For 3&4 year olds (up to 15 hours a week)

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DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Wednesday 7.30am 5.30pm
Thursday 7.30am 5.30pm
Friday 5.30pm
IndoorOutdoor Play
Secure setting
Days out/visits
Outdoor play/equipment

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Rivelin Primary School
Currently no spaces

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Inspection History
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29/04/2009Inspection (Early Years Register)Good
18/06/2015Inspection (Early Years Register)Requires Improvement
17/08/2016Re-inspection (Early Years Register)Good

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Walkley/crookes area, Walkley Area, Crookes Area
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