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Arrivinghome ZenSpace (Sheffield U.K.)

ArrivingHome ZenSpace is a voluntary organization, which aims to make Zen (Concentration-Meditation) and relaxation exercises, available in the Sheffield area. Weekly secular meetings are held at Shirley House (see Sheffield ZenSpace) Regular daily Rinzai Zen and Yoga practices are held at ArrivingHome. Access to further training at Arrivinghome, is usually through Sheffield ZenSpace.


ArrivingHome is a small voluntary organisation, which aims to make Zen (Concentrative-Meditation), Yoga and other relaxing exercise practices, available in the Sheffield area. Regular daily Zen and Yoga practices are held at ArrivingHome. Elsewhere, the Zen, Yoga and exercise practices are tailored to suit individual situations. Group or individual instruction can be requested. It is not our intention to push unwanted religious practices, or make pretence towards enlightened teaching, wishing only to help our fellow beings. To visit us, please contact in advance by e-mail, or phone (see below). Talks may be similarly arranged within reasonable travelling distances. With the exception of Yoga classes, ArrivingHome depends entirely upon donations from users.

We also run two secular Mindfulness and Meditation Courses: Well-being and Insight. These are completely secular courses, which draw from the Zen and Buddhist traditions, and the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) scientific information. There is no religious practice within them. They are provided by Gensho, who is an advanced teacher of the courses.

The name 'ArrivingHome' is an allegory for our life's journey, and the necessity of returning to our true original self. Ideally this would be a continuous process, but it is frequently interrupted by our egotistical delusive-desires. Zen practices help us to face up to our selfish interruptions and find our way Home. Classes are held in S11/S10 area by arrangement, but could be else where.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Gensho (Richard Jones)
Contact Position
Zen monk, Rinzai Zen teacher, Advanced Meditation and Mindfulness teacher, Facilitator.
ArrivingHome (Sheffield, U.K.)

Where to go

ArrivingHome (Sheffield, U.K.)
South Yorks.

When is it on?

Time / Date Details
By arrangement, most afternoons 14:00-18:00

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Zen, Buddhism, Rinzai, Soto, Meditation, Mindfulness, Insight, Wellbeing
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