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Becton School


Becton School is part of the Becton Young Peoples Centre and provides education for young people attending the Becton Centre; a regional service for children and young people with serious or complex mental health problems. The school operates within a multi-disciplinary framework; working closely with a wide range of professional including psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, nurses and therapists.

Who to contact

0114 3053121
School Website

Where to go

Becton School
Sevenairs Road
S20 1NZ

Inclusion Information

Wheelchair Access
Wheelchair access details
The Centre is fully wheelchair accessible
Supports special needs and disabilities
Special needs and disabilities experience
Social, emotional and mental health needs

Other Details

Age Range
5 years to 18 years
  • Disabled Facilities
  • Sensory Room
  • Secure setting
  • Visual aids

Local Offer


There are four lodges within Becton, each of which serves somewhat different populations of young people:

Sapphire Lodge is a 14 bed inpatient unit at the Becton Centre for young people aged 14 -18 years who are experiencing complex emotional, mental health and behavioural difficulties

Emerald Lodge is a 9 bed inpatient unit at the Becton Centre for young people aged 14 -18 years who are experiencing complex emotional, mental health and behavioural difficulties

Ruby Lodge is a 7 bed dual diagnosis inpatient unit for young people aged 5-16 years with a combination of mental health and learning difficulties.

Amber Lodge is an 8 day patient unit for young people aged 5-12, most of whom have a Statement of Educational Needs and complex emotional and behavioural difficulties.  Amber Lodge also provides outreach for a significant number of children.

Contact Name
Tom Sier
Contact Telephone
0114 3053121
Contact Email
School Inspection report
School Prospectus
SEN Information Report 2020-21
School website and virtual school tour
Local Offer Age Bands
Primary (4-10 years)
Secondary (11-16 years)
Transitions to Adulthood (16+)
SEN Provision Type

Schools Extended Local Offer Response

If you are a specialist setting what other admissions criteria do you use? 

Admissions are governed by Tier 4 CAMHS and NHS England

Please state the number of pupils on your roll and your average class size 

Number on roll 38

Average class size 4-8

We do deliver 1:1 teaching for some pupil who require additional support

 NB – Not applicable to Universities

How does the setting identify learners with SEN? 

A member of teaching staff is a certified dyslexia, dyscalculia and Irlen Syndrome assessor. 

The multi disciplinary team in Becton Centre offers a number of specialist assessments including: speech and language, sensory profile, ASD and ADHD, cognitive ability etc

Is your setting physically accessible to all learners? 

The Becton School is situated in Becton Centre.  The Centre caters for young people with severe mental health and emotional and behavioural issues. The Centre is fully wheelchair accessible and there are disabled facilities on the Lodges.

 The Lodge environments specifically cater for the needs of their populations.  They all have fenced outdoor areas, sensory/chill out room, quiet rooms; Amber Lodge has a secure playground.  Ruby and Amber have dining areas on the Lodge whereas Emerald and Sapphire eat in a communal dining room; there is an additional small dining room for individuals who may find the large dining room overwhelming.

Augmentative communication aids, visual aids and timetables are used on Amber and Ruby; they are available for Emerald and Sapphire if individuals require the additional support. 

How does your setting adapt the curriculum for learners with SEND? 

Becton School adapts its provision to the needs of the pupils.  All pupils have an individual learning plan based on their needs.  This is designed by the teacher in conjunction with the wider multidisciplinary team.

Lessons are differentiated through either grouping (multisensory English and Maths) or by resources and tasks.  Pupils requiring additional support are also allocated a TA.


What training have your staff received to support learners with SEND? 

All staff have Mental Health and MAYBO conflict management training.  Staff in Ruby use Makaton and PECS to communicate with the young people if appropriate.

Specialist expertise is provided by the specific lodges.  This includes occupational therapists, drama and art therapists, family therapists, social workers, mental health nurses, psychologists, doctors and psychiatrists.

How do you communicate with and involve families? 

Becton School communicates with parents regularly through email and phone call and involves them in reviewing progress through the 4-6 weekly multi-disciplinary review process.  We also have a virtual learning environment where parents can view at the academic progress their child is making.

In Amber, parents are informed about progress through a home school book and telephone contact daily.

Interpreters are provided for families whose first language is not English.

How does the setting evaluate the effectiveness of its provision for learners with SEN and how often does it do this? 

Becton reviews the effectiveness of its provision on a 4-6 week basis through the review process and individual learning plans.  The Headteacher oversees the progress of specific cohorts through pupil tracking data half termly and teachers review weekly attendance data and behavioural incidents to evaluate the effectiveness of their interventions.

What support do you provide for the learners' overall wellbeing? 

As a school based in a Tier 4 CAMHs Service, the social and emotional wellbeing of pupils is paramount.  Pupils are supported in their emotional wellbeing by a multidisciplinary team both on the ward and in school.

The ward facilitates Small Groups, Community Groups and Living Together meetings which focus a number of issues including developing emotional literacy, resilience, management strategies and social skills.

The school runs weekly Health promotion groups and the Acorn group which provides support and strategies for vulnerable pupils who find school anxiety provoking.

What kind of behavioural interventions do you use? 

Attendance and behaviour are monitored by the multi-disciplinary team in conjunction with school.

Due to the nature of the young people admitted to a Tier 4 unit, behavior can sometimes be challenging and unpredictable. All staff are trained in MAYBO, Conflict management training.  This allows staff to be better able to:

  • Recognise potential conflict flashpoints and risks in their work  
  • Identify simple steps to prevent and reduce conflict and risk for all parties
  • Develop positive relationships and interactions
  • Defuse and resolve emotive situations
  • Reducing risks to pupils and staff when intervention is legitimate and necessary
  • Use physical responses that are non-aggressive, professional, safer and highly effective
How do you ensure learners with SEND are included in non-classroom based activities? 

All pupils are included in activities/trips regardless of their SEND, mental and physical health permitting.  Ward staff will accompany school staff on activities should their needs require additional medical or emotional support.

Parents/carers are informed of planned activities/trips.

How do you consult with and involve learners in their education? 

Pupils contribute via:

  • Participation in setting targets for their Individual Learning Plan
  • Attendance in their 4/6 weekly review
  • Individual sessions
  • Groups sessions 

Should the pupil require additional support in contributing, members of the team will help them either record their views or represent them at a meeting should they be reluctant to attend.  Becton also operates an advocacy services for young people detained under the mental health act.

Do you have an online prospectus? Are there open days for families and learners? 

The prospectus is on the website.  We do not hold open days for families due to the nature of our provision.


Does your setting offer any additional services for learners with SEND? 

We are in the process of developing a training programme to support pupils with Mental Health Difficulties in schools.

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