There are different options for where you can live in Sheffield:

  • Live at home with your family
  • Rented housing
  • Buy your own home
  • Move into a supported living scheme
  • Live with, or visit, an approved carer in their home

If you have a social worker, you can talk to them about your housing options.

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Help to pay your rent or Council Tax

You may be entitled to help to pay your rent or Council Tax depending on your income, savings and needs.

Other support at home

  • Personal Budgets: Personal budgets are intended to give you more choice and control over your healthcare, social care and parts of your education. 
  • Personal Assistants: If you employ a Personal Assistant to help meet your care and support needs, or are planning to, read Sheffield City Council's useful information and advice. 
  • Assistive technology and care alarms: Use the City Wide Care Alarm service for safety, security and increased independence.

More information

Preparing for Adulthood and the Council for Disabled Children have produced a booklet called No Place Like Home, which aims to help people with learning disabilities find the right housing choice for them.