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a) Where should your listing display on the directory?
b) Who is your service for?
c) Which parts of the city does your service cover?
d) Venue accessibility
e) Help in the Home
e) Local Offer - Dietary Needs
f) Advice and Information
f) Local Offer - Do you operate a waiting list?
g) Carers
g) Local Offer - Is referral or registration required?
h) Community and environment
i) Health & Wellbeing
Is the council making placements with this service?
j) Housing
k) Learning, Careers & Volunteering
l) Leisure, Culture & Things to do
m) Money & Legal
n) Staying Safe
o) Transport & Mobility
p) Wards covered by your service
q) Local Offer - Age range
t) Sheffield - RPL
u) Local Offer - Provision type
v) Local Offer - Transition into Adulthood

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