Sheffield Volunteer Doula Programme

Doula volunteers are trained to provide practical and emotional support to pregnant women starting at around 34 weeks of pregnancy.

Volunteers offer weekly visits for around 1-2 hours during the later stages of pregnancy and the first 6 weeks postnatally. Often, but not always, providing support to women during labour also.

Expectant parents or professionals can refer into the Doula Programme by emailing:

Can you become a volunteer Doula?

Do you have the time and passion to encourage and support vulnerable pregnant women and new mothers?

Would you like to support a woman through her pregnancy, during her birth and feeding and caring for baby?

Come along to one of our Information Events at the Town Hall, Pinstone Street, Sheffield S1 2HH

Tuesday 23 January 2024 10am – 11:30 OR

Thursday 25 January 2024 1pm – 2:30pm

If you are unable to make either date, please contact us using the details below. 

Note Interviews are 5th and 6th February and training starts from 21 February onwards

For more information, please call: 0114 273 5733

What to expect

As a volunteer Doula you will receive high quality interactive training delivered by many Health Professionals in Sheffield – and on-going personal development opportunities once you are in role. You will be matched with a woman by one of our Programme Officers and then be expected to offer weekly contact to an expectant woman for the last 6 weeks of pregnancy, support through labour and birth, if required, and continue weekly visits until the baby is 6 weeks old.

You will offer emotional and practical support and be on call around the time of the birth.

Being trained in infant feeding, you will help her gain confidence by discussing the benefits of breastfeeding, skin to skin contact and much more. 

As part of your contact you can also:

  • accompany her to appointments, if appropriate
  • offer her information to enable her to make birth preference choices
  • help her to pack her hospital bags
  • empower her to make informed choices
  • prepare her for those first few weeks with a newborn
  • support her to integrate into our Family Hubs where she can start to build her own support network

This is what our Doula Volunteers say...

Great, inspiring training.  Specially brilliant sessions on breastfeeding. The Doula Programme Team provides everything you need to get you going as a Doula, plus superb ongoing support

Wonderful knowledgeable and experienced trainers with fantastic ongoing support after completing the training.  I learned so much more than I anticipated and met a really great group of like minded women/doulas.

Being able to support someone through their pregnancy, birth and new arrival in a way that they feel seen, heard and their experiences valid is a real privilege.  I really hope the community of doulas in Sheffield continues to grow and thrive.

Informative and dynamic training delivered from friendly and approachable women in a relaxed atmosphere. Allows you to connect with people who are like minded.  A fabulous training program for those who would like to support pregnant women and their families in a very unique way

I was wanting to give something back to my community and I looked at many volunteering opportunities.  After applying and being chosen by the Doula Team to attend the training program I wasn’t disappointed. I learned so much as the training is quite intense, but sets you up with everything you need to go out into the community and support everyone who needs it.  I cannot recommend this training enough. I have learned so much!!  It’s a must for anyone wanting experience and confidence to progress into further education hoping for a career in Midwifery.