Links to other Local Authority Local Offers

Some families in Sheffield may access services provided by other nearby local authorities.
Here are some links to other Local Offer websites.  Click on the logos to open their websites.

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Barnsley Families.  Information Services and Family Centres.  Giving families the know how.

Derby City Council

Derby City council in black font.  Symbol made of a diagonal line, a swirl and a t shape

Derbyshire County Council

Derbyshire local offer in black font and capital letters.  Symbol shows different coloured leaves with a person and child symbol in black in the middle.

City of Doncaster Council

Black rectangle with a coat of arms.  White text that says City of Doncaster Council

Kirklees Council

Logo text says Kirklees SEND Local Offer.  Kirklees and SEND are in green font.  Local Offer is in pink font.

Leeds City Council

Text says Leeds SEND Local Offer in blue font.

North Lincolnshire Council

Blue rectangle that has text in white font.  The text says in capital letters North Lincolnshire Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) Local Offer.

Nottinghamshire County Council

Light blue rectangle with text saying notts help yourself dot org dot uk

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Multi coloured star with 3 hands in it.  Text says SEND Local Offer Rotherham

Wakefield Council

Purple rectangle with white font.  Text says Wakefield Council working for you.