Family Hub Network

The Family Hub Network will improve connections between early years providers, community partners and the families they link with. Network members will promote the Family Hub and Start for Life offer, to ensure all families have access to support and services on offer.

The network will ensure an increase in the number of families accessing Family Hub services including:

• Parenting

• Infant feeding 

• Perinatal Mental Health (PNMH) & Parent and Infant Relationship Service (PAIRs) Parent Infant Mental Health

• Home Learning Environment

Working together to deliver:

• Better connection across families and services

• The right information to families at the right time

• To meet family need at the earliest opportunity

• To work whole family, providing a seamless offer of support

Current Family Hub Network Members

Best Start Communities Count is a project here to support families of all shapes and sizes. We aim to strengthen communities and build resilience by implementing a whole family approach in everything we do.

We run 15 parent and toddler groups sessions every week during term-time, serving approximately 1,000 children each year for families in
• Manor/Castle,
• Norfolk Park/Arbourthorne
• Darnall/Tinsley, Shiregreen/Brightside
• We are also expanding into Gleadless Valley and Southey.

During the school holidays we provide activities for the whole family which also include a healthy free meal. We also have craft groups and family daytrips.
We provide training for volunteers and employ qualified Early Years Practitioners who are present at all our groups. We are there to nurture the development of both the children and adults attending.

We firmly believe that developing positive relationships between parents/carers and their children is a priority for enabling children to reach their fullest potential. Parental mental health and wellbeing is important to us and we know it can impact of the quality of those relationships which is why we focus on them.
We don’t want parents/carers to feel lonely. Anyone is welcome, always.

You can find out more about on the below Facebook pages;
Manor Castle Norfolk Park Arbourthorne Communities Count
Darnall Tinsley Communities Count
Shiregreen Brightside Communities Count

Ellesmere Children's Centre is supporting the family hub network. We are an exemplary OUTSTANDING provision that supports all our children using a transcultural approach.

This means that we support children's unique selves focusing on their race and identity, languages, dress, diet and hair and skin. We know that this is important.

We also support children's educational development through their choice of play and sensory engagement. We want to support parents and are open to giving advice on a range of issues. We know that children's early development is important and they can experience a range of emotions that they can find difficult to understand.

We do provide additional services in the centre- Emosi which is our new transcultural therapeutic care, which is designed to support children's social and emotional development.

We support children aged 2-12 years to access our services with fully qualified therapists registered with the British Association Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

We are a family orientated team committed to early years engagement and want to invite you to share your concerns with our family engaged team.

Heeley Trust is a community anchor, a charity working in Heeley and Gleadless, a local employer with a team of local staff and we’re lucky to have the invaluable support of an even bigger team of volunteers.

We’re committed to this area and the wellbeing of the people who live here. We believe in the power of people working together to change where they live for the better and we are determined to keep doing more.

We can connect you to 121 support around benefits, work and employment, volunteering, mental health, housing and more. As well as to groups, peer support, activities and events. Come in for a cuppa and find out more!

Founded in 2004, HGDT exists to benefit, support and empower it’s local community of High Green and surrounding neighbourhoods.

The Trust manages The Campus, Pack Horse Lane, High Green. The Campus is an inclusive community centre and business hub where people come to meet others, play sport and take part in other leisure activities as well as to learn and to do business.

In addition we support activities out and about in the local area by partnering with schools, churches, charities, local businesses and community groups.

Find out what's on and available here 

Israac is Sheffield Based Charity offering inclusive and warm welcome to Sheffield people. Israac Provides variety activities Including Health and Well-being, Coffee morning, FGM drop in Sessions, Advice and Support Services, Family learning, SEN/Autism programme, Parenting sessions etc.

Sharrow Community Forum offers support for all families across both our Old Junior School and Highfield Adventure Playground sites.

We deliver free play-based activities for children aged 0-16 5 days per week, and also offer 6 sessions of youth provision per week for children aged 10-16 (up to 25 for children with SEND). Our inclusive provision seamlessly integrates children with SEND in every session. Each session supports learning and development of the child as well as providing support, referrals and social spaces for parents.

We also provide free well-being activities for parents and the wider community including weekly yoga, and exercise classes as well as volunteering, training, and skills development opportunities.

We are able to make referrals to community youth teams and social workers, as well as housing support, drug and substance abuse services, health services, parenting classes, health visitors, and citizens advice.


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SWFCCP is the community arm of the football club working across the borough of Sheffield on a number of different activities' engaging with a variety of people from different ages and ethnic back grounds , male and female. 

We work in local schools to over 60s walking football, health and fitness guidance in local areas and run soccer camps for young people and the gym facility at the Jubilee sports club

Zest is an award winning community enterprise delivering high quality and responsive services to local people. We are passionate community enablers, working to tackle local inequalities and improve community wellbeing. We manage a flagship community building, the Zest Centre, and deliver a range of responsive and integrated community, leisure, health and work support services to adults and children from across Sheffield.

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