What is Alternative Provision?

Alternative Provision settings are:

  • places that provide education for young people who can’t go to a mainstream school.
  • offsite from the school. 

Alternative provision is where:

  • local authorities arrange education for young people because of exclusion, illness or other reasons.  These young people would not otherwise receive an education.
  • schools arrange education for young people on a fixed-period exclusion.
  • schools arrange education for young people to improve their behaviour.

You may hear Alternative Provision called AP.

The Approved Alternative Provision Network

This is a group of settings in Sheffield. They have been checked and quality assured by Sheffield City Council.

Schools are encouraged to arrange alternative provision from this network. They don't have to do this. They can arrange placements with other providers. To do this they must carry out checks, for example health and safety and safeguarding.

To download a copy of the brochures, click on the buttons below.

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Travelling to alternative provision

Young people must travel independently to get there.  If this isn't possible they can be supported by their school to help them travel there.

The Progressions Team

The Progressions Team work with Sheffield schools.  They match young people with alternative provision from within their Approved Alternative Provision Framework.

The team meet with young people, school staff and parent/carers.  This is so that young people get information and guidance relating to the provision on offer.

The team work with other services.  This is known as multi-agency working.  This helps to:

  • support the young people
  • check attendance and achievements
  • work to seek solutions to day-to-day problems that may arise

The team oversees contractual compliance and Quality Assurance of provision across Sheffield.

You can contact the team for more information (details at the bottom of the page).

How to make a referral to the team

Referrals to the Progressions Team can only be made by schools. 

This is because schools are still responsible for children who are educated offsite. 

The school also provides funding for the alternative provision.

The exceptions are Children Missing from Education (CME) or children Educated Other than at School (EOTAS).

*Please contact the team for a referral form.

Name Job Title E-mail Telephone
Daina Cummings Progressions Team Manager daina.cummings@sheffield.gov.uk 07753 904637
Emma Wilmer Placement Support Officer emma.wilmer@sheffield.gov.uk 07837 915485
Lindsay Smith Placement Support Officer lindsay.smith@sheffield.gov.uk 07425 631900
Stephen Reid Placement Support Officer stephen.reid@sheffield.gov.uk  07827 308161
Sue Wraith Placement Support Officer susan.wraith@sheffield.gov.uk 07833 480528
Keith Johnson Business Support keith.johnson@sheffield.gov.uk 0114 205 2481
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