Change the language, size of the font and contrast colours

You can change the language, size of the font and contrast colours of the screen on the Local Offer webpages. Click on the options at the top of the screen.  The options look like this:

Picture showing select languages, 3 A's and 2 C's

The three A's change the font size.  Clicking on a "C" changes the colour contrast.

You can use screen reader software on the website.

Print information

If you want to print information, you can create a booklet.  Select the Add to booklet option on the page to create a booklet to print. 

Rectangle with a dark blue outline and white centre with blue text that says + Add to booklet

Access it by clicking on My Booklet at the top of the page and then on create booklet.  It will create a booklet based on all the pages you have selected add to booklet on.

Screenshot of the top right of the website.  It says My Booklet with options underneath that say Add to booklet, create booklet, share favourites, Sheffield's Local Offer, How can I give feedback and remove all pages

Mailed information

If you (or anyone who does not have access to the internet) are unable to view the website and want a printed version of any information, e-mail with your request.  We will be able to post this out to you.