Sheffield Parent Hub

Parents and carers can access a range of groups that offer practical advice and support with parenting. We deliver evidence-based programmes that have been tried and tested.

We offer different types of groups that you can join based on your needs and at times that work for you. This page has information about the services we can offer and how to access these. 

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Sleep Support

Sleep hygiene involves the habits and surroundings needed for good sleep at night and staying alert throughout the day. We offer sleep seminars and clinics for parents and carers. These support you to look at the factors that impact on quality night-time sleep and full daytime alertness. Sessions give you tools and strategies to develop a sleep plan. Delivered in partnership with Sheffield Children’s Hospital sleep clinic. Search and book for a seminar on Eventbrite.


Relationships Matter

Whether you’re together or separated, the way you and your partner communicate can impact on your children. All relationships have tricky moments it’s how they’re experienced and resolved that matters. Of course, disagreements and arguments are completely normal and part of everyday life but if it is becoming a problem then you can get help. For information and help if you’re having relationship difficulties and tips on how to stay calm and work out what needs to happen visit relationship matters.

Relationships Matter