What is Autism?


Visit the National Autistic Society website to find out about Autism.

What is Autism?. This page has information on:

  • social communication and social interaction challenges
  • repetitive and restrictive behaviour
  • over or under sensitivity to light, sound, taste or touch
  • highly focussed interests or hobbies
  • extreme anxiety
  • meltdowns and shutdowns.

Also find out about:

There's information and guidance on getting a diagnosis. An Autism services directory.

The website has a dedicated area on adult Autism. Here you will find advice and guidance on a wide range of topics as well as information on the National Autistic Society's services. You can also read people's stories, learn about campaigning and find out how you can get involved to create a world that works for autistic people.

Sheffield has a local Autistic Society, which provides support and information. They also campaign for a better world for Autistic and Asperger people in Sheffield- children, young persons and adults.