There are many places you can go for health advice and support.

There are 16 Community Wellbeing Programmes across the city covering the neighbourhoods with the poorest health. They provide a range of health activities such as eating on a budget, cook and eat, stop smoking, diabetes support and walking groups. Workers on the programme include:

  • Community Health Champions who support people to eat healthily, be physically active and improve their mental well-being. Some Health Champions work with people experiencing long term conditions such as chronic pain and diabetes.
  • Health Trainers who offer one to one support around changing or leading a healthy lifestyle. 

You can call the Community Wellbeing Programme on (0114) 293 0682.

In your local community there are "People Keeping Well" organisations. They provide a wide range of health advice and support. They also provide a wide range of healthy activities. You can see our downloadable Living Well guide which lists a range of their activities.

There is a wide range of health advice on the NHS Choices website. This includes a live well section which provides advice about healthy living, including eating a balanced diet, healthy weight, exercise, quitting smoking and drinking less alcohol.

View all health advice and support services in the directory.