Transferring an EHC Plan from another Local Authority

Moving into Sheffield if you or your child/young person has an EHC Plan

The EHC Plan will need to be transferred to us.

Contact your current Local Authority to tell them you are moving to Sheffield.  You will need to tell them the date you are moving into Sheffield.  They will transfer the EHC plan to us.

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When you have moved

Please contact us as soon as you have moved.  This is so we can:

  • check we have received the EHC plan
  • confirm the new address.   
  • look at school/college placements.  We look to place children/young people in the same type of school/college they were attending in the previous Local Authority.  For example, if a child was attending a mainstream school then we would look for a mainstream placement in Sheffield (this can then be re-looked at during the annual review).


Reviewing the EHC Plan

We must review the EHC plan within either 12 months from the EHC plan being made or last reviewed, or 3 months from the date of the transfer, whichever is the later.  At this point the review can:

  • look at if the provision and outcomes are up to date
  • check that the educational setting is the right place for the child/young person. 

We have to follow the process for an annual review.

We will transfer the EHC Plan onto a Sheffield template.  

Questions before or after you have moved

Talk to SENDSARS about moving into Sheffield with an EHC Plan.

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