SEND Statutory Assessment and Review Service - SENDSARS

A Council-run service providing SEND support across all areas of need.

Referral reason: The service deals with requests for Education, Health, and Care (EHC) statutory assessments.

These are made when, despite support being in place, it is felt a child or young person needs more support than is usually available in mainstream education.

People involved: Inclusion Officers and Locality Managers.

Offer: As well as dealing with requests for statutory education, health and care assessments, the service:

  • Produces EHC Plans.
  • Co-ordinates school placements for children and young people with EHC Plans.
  • Monitors and supports annual reviews.
  • Provides advice to educational providers and parents and carers about statutory assessments and EHC processes.
  • are involved with the mediation and tribunal processes.  This is where parents appeal a decision made on any aspect of the EHC Plan process.

SENDSARS help co-ordinate school/education setting moves for children and young people with EHC Plans.

This could be moving to a school during the school year, at the beginning or end of a school year.  It could also be when moving between different stages of education.  This is called Phase Transfer.  This is when children/young people move from:

  • Early years to school 
  • Primary school to middle school 
  • Infant to Junior School 
  • Junior to Secondary School 
  • Middle to secondary school 
  • Secondary to Post 16 education 

A child/young person’s current setting will set up a phase transfer review of their EHC plan.  This is also their annual review.  This is during the second to last year of their current setting. The aim of this review is to discuss future placements and to review the EHC plan.  We can attend these reviews if needed to give advice on the process.

It is important that a request for the next school/setting is written on the annual review paperwork. When this is submitted, we will consult the preferred school or provision.  We may consult with other schools or provisions that may be able to meet that child’s needs. 

The Local Authority must let parents/carers know which setting they will be naming by 15 February.  The Local Authority will issue the child/young person with an amended final EHC plan. This is before they transfer in September. 

If a child is moving onto a post-16 setting, we will let them know which setting we will be naming by 31 March.  An amended final EHC plan will be sent out.  This is before they transfer in September. 

If you have questions about transition, speak to the child/young person's SENCO first.  They can contact us for further advice.  This could be for signposting or help with the statutory processes.

How to refer

Parents, carers, schools, colleges, nurseries, other education providers and other agencies can request an education, health and care needs assessment.

Information about how to do this is on Sheffield’s Local Offer website under Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plans.

Detailed guidance has also been provided for schools, colleges, nurseries and other education providers.

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